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Jennifer Bailey
By Jennifer Bailey
on June 01, 2021
Have you ever priced what it would cost to make your website accessible for the hearing or visually impaired? I have. And I didn’t like the answer. Have you ever seen the price of litigation if someone with a disability decides to file a complaint with the federal government under ADA Title III?
David Mills
By David Mills
on June 04, 2020

Among all of the important technology tools for getting online is the Content Management System (CMS). You might think of it as simply your website, but it is part of what should be "under the hood" of an effective online presence. Your CMS is what allows prospective customers to discover online the experience, talent and value that you offer.

Jennifer Bailey
By Jennifer Bailey
on March 03, 2020

A Story about Stories that Aren't (Only) Told in Words

Leisure reading is at an all-time low. Did you know that? Even Steve Jobs pointed out back in 2008 that people are reading less than one book per year. But this article is not going to be about leisure reading or the decline in our literary culture.

Amy Alexander
By Amy Alexander
on January 23, 2020

Sometimes, clients want to know if we’ll work on spec. Or in other words: do we have enough faith in our product to bring a finished marketing program to the table before anyone agrees to pay for it? The quick and short answer is: no. Our team doesn’t work on spec.

In some ways, this question comes down to trust. As a prospective buyer of marketing services, if you’re asking this question then you do not trust us or another agency enough to pay for unseen results. And, we can understand that feeling.

The truth is, marketing has become the car salesman of B2B careers. We make big claims about growth, but many times don’t come through. And business owners feel as if they’ve been manipulated into wasting money.

So, let’s dive into the meat of this question, and explain why we don’t work this way.