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Deep Dive » Multi-location
Chad Alexander
By Chad Alexander
on April 19, 2021

In the last quarter of 2020, our team escaped below freezing temperatures as we traveled down the East Coast, researching the "best of the best" in Google business listings. We've helped many funeral home and home care business grow, so we focused our Google My Business data on keywords in these industries. 

David Mills
By David Mills
on July 16, 2020

How Microsites are Delivering a Competitive Advantage Across Industries

Microsites are becoming a competitive strategy in a number of industries. Put simply, a microsite is a focused group of pages that provide information that is designed to serve a unique audience, location or product/service. It wraps the sales and value message up in a focused package, along with critical information and answers to questions so that when a prospect visits the microsite, they are able to learn what they need to and move to the next level of the buyer's journey.