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Chad Alexander
By Chad Alexander
on April 29, 2021
Story Collaborative was named the "Most Outstanding Growth Marketing Consultancy 2021" by Corporate Vision. We're honored to make this distinction, and we relish what this means for the company this year and beyond! Part of the reason we were chosen for this distinction is because of a belief that we hold. And we aren't the most outstanding growth marketing consultancy because of what we do, but what other agencies do, or rather, don't do: We believe that the current marketing agency model is unfair, and we believe there is a different way. And here's where we stop talking about us, and start talking about the problems we have encountered with traditional agencies and even inbound agencies.
David Mills
By David Mills
on April 03, 2018

In the beginning, there was only one form of marketing. This marketing focused on pushing out advertising that interrupted people (think TV commercials, radio/magazine ads). Called outbound marketing, it used interruption as the primary tool and placed a product or service in the way of the actual information or entertainment that people were consuming. This form of marketing began to shift with the introduction of the internet. In 1999, Seth Godin published a book called, "Permission Marketing," during the era in which search engine optimization (SEO) and inbound marketing began to take shape. But is inbound marketing alone, enough to create growth?