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Amy Alexander
By Amy Alexander
on September 08, 2020
an ad strategy based on tigers Since 2018, Cheetos has been the target of a new major competitor: PeaTos. These pea-filled copy-cats have one goal: be moderately more healthy than Cheetos. They've stripped out the common junk-food culprits, like artificial flavors and genetically modified ingredients, and they've replaced corn with peas. Their ad strategy -- rubbing it in Frito-Lays' face -- is nothing short of hilarious.
Jennifer Bailey
By Jennifer Bailey
on August 18, 2020

What happens when an ad campaign goes totally wrong? I mean, the ad campaign actually sends their potential customers running for the hills, wanting to jump off a cliff or even better: “climb Mount Everest in flippers,” as one commenter put it. 

Jennifer Bailey
By Jennifer Bailey
on July 22, 2020

Hungry, hungry, hungry...

Did you ever notice that the ads you experience on vacation affect you differently than in every day life? That's the experience you might have when you are super hungry and see commercials for food! With a lot of stay-cationing going on and people choosing to travel by car instead of plane, this canned soup commercial couldn't be more timely - it will actually make you feel hungry after a long day's travel, or if you are thinking about meal prep for your stay at home crew.