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Jennifer Bailey
By Jennifer Bailey
on September 16, 2020
The question: What to tell your ceo when they ask: "why do we have a blog? Isn't that a bunch of musings from one of our staff?"
Amy Alexander
By Amy Alexander
on September 08, 2020

The questionWhat is your answer when a client asks: “How can I get more good content on my website?”


The answer:

Gary Vaynerchuck is famous for having said: “Every one of you is a media company.” 

Jennifer Bailey
By Jennifer Bailey
on March 03, 2020

A Story about Stories that Aren't (Only) Told in Words

Leisure reading is at an all-time low. Did you know that? Even Steve Jobs pointed out back in 2008 that people are reading less than one book per year. But this article is not going to be about leisure reading or the decline in our literary culture.