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How to Un-Stealth Your Applicants During Enrollment Season

By David Mills on March 5, 2020

It's the stealth applicant season when those who aren't on your radar submit an application without warning. It's always great to get an unexpected application, but there's a downside to these surprises, too.

The challenges that the stealth applicant brings are important to consider. You can't get a handle on what enrollment "might look like," if you have a large number of people who don't give you advance signals. You also don't know if they are just submitting a safety application, or if they are a good mission fit at all.

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4 min read

Reaching More Donors and Parents at Year End

By David Mills on November 13, 2018

Your donor and enrollment messages are up against a stack of competition. As you reach out for year-end donations and begin the enrollment season, lots of others want your prospects attention too. Your brand has to push through the massive volume of advertising (both digital and postal) during the holiday season, plus loads of direct mail appeals. Lots of others are investing big budgets in getting the attention of consumers - but to you, they are vital communication moments that need to result in action.

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Finding the Silver Lining in Facebook

By David Mills on April 2, 2018

When you look at the statistics, it’s easy to see that the majority (if not all) of the parents who might want to enroll their children in your school, as well as their friends, are pretty addicted to Facebook. Facebook is smart, and they’ve made it possible for the average American to make sharing family photos, playing games, checking in, and messaging a normal part of their daily operating system.

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Getting Found Online Tip #1

By David Mills on June 25, 2017

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Private School Marketing that Wins New Students

By David Mills on February 27, 2017

Informative Isn't Enough: Private School Marketing has to Connect

Most people today wouldn't go to a new restaurant without checking it out online first. So why would parents send their children to a private school that has a weak web presence? Having an informative website is no longer enough. Parents and students want to feel a sense of connection. With an inbound private school marketing approach, you can build rapport with new families before they even set foot on your campus.

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Admissions Directors in the Middle - 5 Tips for Private Schools

By David Mills on February 15, 2017

Admissions directors are stuck in the middle between the school community and prospective families and students. Their work is to create bridges that line up family and school values to help grow enrollment. Not only do they foster connections to new students, they also have to bridge the gap between marketing, admissions, financial aid, and internal communications. Getting all of these systems to line up is challenging.

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Grow Your Private Christian School With 5 Powerful Inbound Marketing Principles

By David Mills on November 22, 2016

As you market your private school, you know that no school holds a monopoly. Research says it this way: "there are no companies with a dominant market share in this industry." This is an even playing field where approximately 30 thousand schools are all competing for students. While school options in your location are a small subset of that larger number, people have many choices, just the same. Since competition for enrollment is a fact of life, using the right marketing approach can help you share the things that make your school unique, and help you reach your enrollment goals.

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Using Inbound Marketing for Private Education: Three Keys for Content

By David Mills on November 15, 2016

Buyers today, including private school families, do at least 50% of their purchase consideration by looking online, before talking to anyone at your school.  What they discover on your website can help them through the decision process and establish a relationship of value and appreciation even before they schedule a visit or attend an open house.  Inbound marketing for private education is a potent strategy that positions your school for success in the new world in which consumers own the process.

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