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4 min read

Downgrading your Marketing with DIY

By David Mills on September 9, 2020

I'll admit it. I'm a recovering DIY addict. Some of the most humorous words spoken in our home are, "I can do that." The DIY resulted in my purchase of a 1960's Triumph Spitfire which broke more clutches than it got oil changes, and too many other projects to name, all completed with low to moderate success. But does the duct tape and baling wire (you know, the wire for hay bales) approach work in 2020 for marketing?

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1 min read

What to say when asked: Can you prove your marketing is working?

By David Mills on September 2, 2020

The question: How to respond when your CFO walks in and says: "We're going to cut your marketing budget, unless you can prove that your methods are working."


The answer:

You can't say: “Yikes! I need a rain check." 

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1 min read

Single point of failure: 6 reasons marketing falls short

By David Mills on August 11, 2020

Single Point of Failure: this is a concept in IT, business, and manufacturing planning that says: there are some things in our business that can shut us down. If they fail, we fail... As marketers, we are often subject to these single points of failure that stop us from getting things done. We get stuck, because of a single point of failure. Our marketing relies upon a single resource that is either expensive, hard to get, or slow to respond (this is a bottleneck point of failure).

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2 min read

way-forward personas: marketing to a changed globe

By Amy Alexander on August 4, 2020

As people begin the long road toward whatever their new post-COVID, at-home, foundationally-digital life will become, new research has emerged about consumer behavior. Ketchum's research, which surveyed consumers in mid-June, tells us a lot about how people will move forward in their buying habits.

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1 min read

Value Based ads bring out the best in Americans

By Jennifer Bailey on July 1, 2020

There’s nothing quite like getting the feeling of pride and patriotism from your fellow countrymen to pull on your heart strings and remind you of whats important. Thats exactly what some American companies have accomplished throughout the years through their advertising.

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6 min read

Four Keys to Help you Rebound Faster Online

By David Mills on June 4, 2020

Almost every business and nonprofit has experienced some level of market disruption. And it’s lasted longer than anyone thought. What comes along with these market disruptions is something that every leader has to pay attention to - change. 

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6 min read

Do you need a second website or microsite for growth?

By David Mills on June 4, 2020

We tend to think of our websites in the singular. You may think that you “have a website” (i.e., one) and that one site is where everything has to fit. It’s easy to think that one business or organizational website is the single container for all of your online presence, but that’s not the reality for effective web marketing. Effective web marketing includes multiple landing pages, sub-sites or micro-sites for specific purposes all with the goal of giving people the exact information and opportunities that they need to become our customers.

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5 min read

Importance of Video is Accelerating in 2020

By David Mills on March 10, 2020


The use of all types of video has increased consistently dramatically year over year for the past decade. In 2015, marketers reported that 78% felt that video was important and in 2020 that number is 92% (Wzowl 2020). Many businesses, schools, and nonprofits have incorporated video to a limited degree in their sales and marketing, but much of that adoption is falling far behind the way that both consumers and business buyers behave.

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3 min read

Stories are the Ultimate Human Technology

By David Mills on January 29, 2020

It's easy to get excited about the latest "shiny object." We're excited about robotics, machine learning and creating computers that will be doing a variety of human tasks. We're even making quantum particles work for us in computing, and hopefully, they'll deliver value in the future. Software is making it possible for us to take what was available previously only to the mega-corporation into even the smallest start-up or to the individual home.

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5 min read

Protecting Your Company from Digital Disruption

By David Mills on November 19, 2019

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