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Deep Dive » Website-design
David Mills
By David Mills
on December 06, 2021

There are lots of choices about how and where websites are built and hosted. Normally, that's less a management decision and more something for marketing and IT to work out.

But a number of big factors are moving decisions about whether to use WordPress or HubSpot, or Apple or Microsoft onto the manager's list of concerns. One is security, and the other is the central role that websites now play in sustainable growth.

David Mills
By David Mills
on June 25, 2021

Your marketing plans probably need an answer - "how long does it take to build a website?"

If you haven't had a website redesigned recently, you may not have a good handle on how long it might take. The time required certainly varies, and the one answer you may hear, that really isn't helpful is,

"It depends."

A better grasp of the likely timeline is helpful when you're working on marketing plans and marketing budgets.