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4 min read

Your Nose Hairs Need Trimming:  Stop Filming Up Your Nose and Other Rules of Engagement for Video

By Chad Alexander on August 13, 2020

Here’s the thing guys. We understand that COVID-19 has changed the way we interact and conduct meetings. With companies like Amazon allowing remote work until next year, and Uber even extending that period until at least June of 2021, being on a video call is here to stay. But there are some rules of engagement for video. And you could be breaking them.

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2 min read

top 3 tips for filming on your iphone

By Chad Alexander on July 28, 2020

There are many occasions as a marketing professional that call for pulling out your iPhone and capturing something. It could be your product, your customer having an awesome experience, or even in internal team challenge that has potential create amazing recruiting footage. For the next occasion, here are the top three things you can do (or tell you underling to do) to capture the best possible footage.

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3 min read

[Infographic] Who is on Facebook, and how should we advertise?

By Amy Alexander on July 16, 2020

In 2020, I think it's clear that "everyone" is on Facebook. But, even so... the question remains: who is actively using Facebook and what are they doing while they scroll? These insights can help us better target our ads, and develop more relevant organic content.

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11 min read

The Why & How of Facebook Live: Embracing Your Humanity on Camera

By Jennifer Bailey on April 13, 2020

When social media erupted ten years ago, something major happened between people. As 6 degrees of separation began to shrink, so did true human connections. Face to face interactions joined the ranks of slang acronyms like LOL, JK, BRB, and IRL. Text messaging and Facebook Messenger took the place of a good old fashioned phone call.

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