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3 min read

Top 6 Ways to answer: "Do I need a new website?"

By David Mills on August 17, 2020

This is a common question for many marketers. You look at your site, and it's been a few months (or a few years) since it was revamped. You start to wonder... "Do I need a new website?" Sometimes, it's not a question you're asking. In some cases, your boss walked into your office in the middle of a busy day and asked, "Hey, do we need a new website?"

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1 min read

Checklist - Why Your Website is Still Important for Business Growth

By David Mills on December 24, 2017

You have many choices for marketing and advertising - social networks, digital ads, print ads, email, direct marketing. Which one rises to the top?  If you are in healthcare, technology, education or just about any industry, you may have thought your website was not that valuable because it hasn't been bringing you customers. If this is you, you need to think again.  2017 research reinforces the fact that people who are on their way to becoming customers because they want to expand their learning will go to your website more than any other resource.

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