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3 min read

Top 6 Ways to answer: "Do I need a new website?"

By David Mills on August 17, 2020

This is a common question for many marketers. You look at your site, and it's been a few months (or a few years) since it was revamped. You start to wonder... "Do I need a new website?" Sometimes, it's not a question you're asking. In some cases, your boss walked into your office in the middle of a busy day and asked, "Hey, do we need a new website?"

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2 min read

Keywords Are like VHS Tapes

By David Mills on June 1, 2018

Keywords are like VHS Tapes; if that’s all you have, you’re going to miss out on better opportunities.

Some things that you thought you knew about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aren’t true anymore.

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3 min read

A Tale of Two SEOs: Understanding Local and Global Search in Home Care Marketing

By David Mills on November 17, 2017

What people see when they search for a term that has local services attached is different than what they get when they are searching more globally. Local and global search are both beneficial, and it's important to know how they work to connect someone to your home care marketing. Think of this as two kinds of web searchers:

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2 min read

SEO vs PPC: Are Paid Advertisements Right for Your Home Care Marketing?

By David Mills on November 16, 2017

SEO brings you “organic traffic,” which delivers to customers who are searching resources that solve their challenges. At the top of the same page that the organic listings appear are both the local SEO results and paid search ads. Paid ads are marked with an advertisement symbol, and people know they are click-us ads that appear on the top of the search page. While these ads are working better than they used to, people still trust the organic listings and the local listings more than they trust paid advertisements. But that does not mean they have no value. For most home care agencies that want to grow, a combination of paid and organic listings is most effective. However, reliance on paid ads only is not a good strategy for sustaining business growth.

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