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David Mills
By David Mills on February 11, 2020

You Might Need a New Marketing Plan if…

If you haven’t updated your marketing plan in a while, or if you've been wondering whether your marketing plan needs to be refreshed, here are 14 good reasons that you might want to plan for an update.

You might need a new marketing plan if...

1. You have a new strategic plan that calls for a better brand story, increased marketing, or a new lead generation plan

2. When you look at your website analytics you notice that your visitor traffic is really low

3. When you look at your website analytics you discover that the majority of people that are visiting online are existing customers

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4. When you search online for companies like yours, what comes up instead of your business is almost everyone else

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5. You are still hoping that simply posting on Facebook you will build lead flows

6. You have a new head of marketing or RevOps

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7. You are the new marketing and admissions leader

8. Your enrollment graph resembles a plateau, butte, or another very flat geography.

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9. Getting consistent leads that sales can close is a consistent challenge

10. Your marketing budget is tight and you need all of your investments to perform well

11. You have quality (even exceptional) services or products that still feel like a best-kept secret

12. Many of your leads are not a good business fit, and you might not be attracting those who are a good fit

13. When you compare your website, video, or social media to competing businesses, you recognize a need for a stronger presentation

14. You have just launched a great new location, service, or product and want more people to learn about it

While great movies are fun, the need for a refresh on your marketing plan can be real. If you have one or more of these reasons that suggest that you need your marketing to improve, connect with us so we can help you think about how to strengthen your marketing mix and your approach to reaching, winning, and keeping customers you love.

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Published by David Mills February 11, 2020
David Mills