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Chad Alexander
By Chad Alexander
on September 15, 2020

The questionhow do you respond to a client when they ask: "What's the best video editing tool?"

Chad Alexander
By Chad Alexander
on September 08, 2020

The questionhow to help your boss feel at-ease in front of the camera, when they say: "I'm terrible at this!"

Chad Alexander
By Chad Alexander
on September 02, 2020

The question: How to respond when asked: "what's better? YouTube or Vimeo?"


The answer:

Well, one isn’t better -- they’re just different! In general, YouTube is the place that the average business can build an audience, gain SEO value (since it’s owned by Google), and expect consumer interaction. Vimeo is really the filmmaker’s platform. This is a place you can host videos that are embedded on your website, or share edits with clients. Vimeo provides unique control of your content that YouTube is not designed for. But, don’t forget! Platforms like Facebook typically require you to upload your video there as well for the best shareability and visibility.”

Chad Alexander
By Chad Alexander
on July 28, 2020

There are many occasions as a marketing professional that call for pulling out your iPhone and capturing something. It could be your product, your customer having an awesome experience, or even in internal team challenge that has potential create amazing recruiting footage. For the next occasion, here are the top three things you can do (or tell you underling to do) to capture the best possible footage.

Jennifer Bailey
By Jennifer Bailey
on April 13, 2020

When social media erupted ten years ago, something major happened between people. As 6 degrees of separation began to shrink, so did true human connections. Face to face interactions joined the ranks of slang acronyms like LOL, JK, BRB, and IRL. Text messaging and Facebook Messenger took the place of a good old fashioned phone call.

Chad Alexander
By Chad Alexander
on May 10, 2018

Business growth is a difficult thing at times with so much to accomplish in terms of marketing, sales, and cash flow. One thing you can do with inexpensive equipment, a little know-how, and good stories is to create business growth through video. By 2019, most content consumed online will be video. Videos can help solve problems that crop in a person’s life (like the Dollar Shave Club intro video or the Chatbooks mom video). Videos can also tell amazing stories that people want to hear more about (think Red Bull’s Digging in the Carts series or Blendtec’s Will it Blend?).

Amy Alexander
By Amy Alexander
on June 21, 2016


In a world with endless marketing opportunities, your budget has to be strategic. Having a smart marketing plan involves investing in marketing assets you own, like your website and email list.

A smart marketing plan invests in a website.

Your website is full of owned assets, especially if the content is ranking high in Google search. Since the content you write on your website is entirely your own, and AdWords are merely rented for a premium, this makes your website very valuable. If you don't have a good SEO strategy, that's the first place you can invest for a return. Remember that relevant and fresh content should be part of any SEO strategy.