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The Word They Forgot to Add to the Dictionary - Hactics (and how to know if you are doing it)

By David Mills on September 6, 2018

Def: hac·tic

  1. Marketing tactics that create busy work instead of saving time or providing shortcuts to a growth goal.
  2. Blend word from Hectic and Hack, i.e., Hactic: Hectic with Marketing Hacks.
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1 min read

Checklist - Why Your Website is Still Important for Business Growth

By David Mills on December 24, 2017

You have many choices for marketing and advertising - social networks, digital ads, print ads, email, direct marketing. Which one rises to the top?  If you are in healthcare, technology, education or just about any industry, you may have thought your website was not that valuable because it hasn't been bringing you customers. If this is you, you need to think again.  2017 research reinforces the fact that people who are on their way to becoming customers because they want to expand their learning will go to your website more than any other resource.

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The B2B & B2E Challenge in Home Care Marketing

By David Mills on September 8, 2017

Home care agencies are already business to business companies (B2B) if they work with institutions to receive referrals. They are also business to consumer (B2C) since they market directly to consumers who need care for themselves or their loved ones. But what is B2E? Business to Employee represents companies that rely upon a reliable flow of quality employees  - like others in medical staffing, that clearly fits both home health and home care agencies.  Navigating the relationships and various marketing channels makes B2E, B2C and B2B a challenge.

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Employer Brands for Home Care, Healthcare and Staffing

By David Mills on June 30, 2017

What your employees say about your company matters. If a brand is the sum total of customer experiences with a company or organization, then what is an employer brand?  It’s the total experience of an individual as an employee.  The employer brand sums up their experience beginning from the first moment they learn about your company, through the process of applying for work, and then their experiences within the company culture.  Just like a customer, employees have a story to tell about the company. Your customers are telling your brand story, but so are your employees. 

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Healthcare Marketing Strategies - 2017 Award Winner

By David Mills on May 19, 2017

Helping consumers make good healthcare choices is the driver behind the best healthcare marketing strategies.  Medical professionals have long avoided types of consumer marketing that some other professions have adopted - the marketing that healthcare delivers has to result in positive health seeking behavior without reducing it to a commodity that is “now on sale.”  Consumer confidence and trust in both the professionalism and value offered have to be central to every effort to increase service delivery metrics.  Winning healthcare marketing strategies include both.

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