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Marketing Advice Roundup: Do's and Don'ts of Email Marketing

By Jennifer Bailey on May 7, 2020

Each week here at Story Collaborative we do a live video for our Facebook viewers. (Check out S+Marketing LIVE's "3 Marketing Things" Series). Today's Marketing Roundup includes advice from all of our super talented team members!

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2 min read

Smart Marketing: Rented vs. Owned Assets

By Amy Alexander on June 21, 2016


In a world with endless marketing opportunities, your budget has to be strategic. Having a smart marketing plan involves investing in marketing assets you own, like your website and email list.

A smart marketing plan invests in a website.

Your website is full of owned assets, especially if the content is ranking high in Google search. Since the content you write on your website is entirely your own, and AdWords are merely rented for a premium, this makes your website very valuable. If you don't have a good SEO strategy, that's the first place you can invest for a return. Remember that relevant and fresh content should be part of any SEO strategy.

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4 min read

A Powerful Sales Pipeline is Driven by Brand Stories

By David Mills on March 28, 2016

We need marketing that truly connects in order to deliver qualified customers. An effective sales funnel that doesn’t feel like sales at all comes from the warmth of an engaging story. In turn, those story-based activities deliver customers who are engaged with the experience. With so many media choices, allowing customers to experience your brand story from the beginning—while still ensuring the greatest number of qualified leads from our marketing investment—can be a challenge.

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3 Ways to Own Your Smart Marketing

By David Mills on February 15, 2016

Finding the right mix for your marketing budget requires ongoing vigilance and regular adjustments. The shift toward digital media has pushed many organizations into a significant learning curve that can result in smart marketing.  Much of the decision-making ends up being a wrestling match between "what we’ve always done" and attractive new opportunities. Beyond the tactical decisions over how much to allocate to various media, there lies a bigger opportunity.

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Nine ways to get a return on your email investment.

By David Mills on October 8, 2015


Email is not dead. It may not be as cool, trendy, or techy as the latest social network. But, it has higher click-through rates. And, companies that use it can generate twice the number of quality leads at one-third of the cost. As a way to tell your story and empower customers to share your message, email is hard to beat.


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