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As people begin the long road toward whatever their new post-COVID, at-home, foundationally-digital life will become, new research has emerged about consumer behavior. Ketchum's research, which surveyed consumers in mid-June, tells us a lot about how people will move forward in their buying habits.

Way-Forward Personas

The study, Brand Reckoning 2020: How Crisis Culture is Redefining Consumer Behavior, Loyalty, and Values, labels these new personas as Crisis Culture Personas. But, our team believes this research tells marketers more about Way-Forward Personas. It's not a story of people that are sitting in the politically and socially charged tank of despair, but a culture that is ever-changing and continuing to move forward as best as it can. 

Meet the key players




Participants were asked about their comfort in reengaging in normal activities, and below is the timeline that resulted.



So, the question is: what matters now? Values! We've said it before and we'll say it again: values are being highlighted during this global pandemic. And, that's not going to change any time soon. People's values are either shifting, or their pre-COVID values are taking a more important role in their buying decisions.



This shift in values has created major changes in consumer loyalty to preferred brands. 



So, let's compare these Way-Forward Personas and how their income, political persuasions, and interest in reengagement might change your next marketing move.





Amy Alexander

Written by Amy Alexander

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