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Chad Alexander
By Chad Alexander on April 29, 2021

Most Outstanding Growth Marketing Consultancy 2021: We are Honored!

Story Collaborative was named the "Most Outstanding  Growth Marketing Consultancy 2021" by Corporate Vision.

We're honored to make this distinction, and we relish what this means for the company this year and beyond!

Part of the reason we were chosen for this distinction is because of a belief that we hold. And we aren't the most outstanding growth marketing consultancy because of what we do, but what other agencies do, or rather, don't do:

We believe that the current marketing agency model is unfair, and we believe there is a different way.

And here's where we stop talking about us, and start talking about the problems we have encountered with traditional agencies and even inbound agencies.

Buyers Need a Journey...They Need Their Story Told

Buyers need to have solutions to their problems and experience something well beyond an ego-centric  "all about us" type of website, especially if you want them to, you know, buy your product. A brand story that actually works has to engage the buyer in their journey - resonating with the real concerns and challenges that start a buyer on their search for solutions.

Buyers have to see themselves in every part of the experience.

The problem with many brand stories is that many agencies don't use them properly (or sometimes at all, unfortunately). In contrast to following a buyer-centric approach, agencies will often present the website from an internal point of view.

The big problem here is that this kind of website misses out on who the customer is, and fails to address the real reasons that drive a buying decision forward.

"It is unfair for an agency to build websites based on assumptions and a seller-centric perspective. They function as glorified brochures, and don't deliver on growth." - David Mills, Chief Growth Officer.

The Marketing Execution

Websites and marketing that are built solely from the seller's viewpoint are unlikely to deliver an improvement in outcomes because they only deliver more of the same. A retread of low performing web pages, content, and offers isn't going to lead to better results - even it it looks better.

How often have you spent time and effort in redesigning your site, only for it to sit stagnant for 2-3 years and then go through the same arduous process again? 

Why is the web rebuild process so painful?! Avoid these pitfalls >>

The idea that the "prettiest website wins" is a myth. But that is normally all that a new website delivers. It's like getting a great-looking car with same old engine.

Okay, back to us for just a moment.

How about an upgrade that actually performs better?

Instead of having a car with a worn-out engine, our approach is to take the best available tech (which in our experience is enterprise-level all-in-one software), and build in a brand story that addresses the real buyer's journey.

Rather than a fresh coat of paint being the only primary result, we view graphics and website designs as a means to serve up the content and the offers that will help move the buying decision forward. It then becomes a whole new (modern) vehicle for growth, rather than just a rust bucket that you spray some paint on to make it look better.

Again, we are honored to be viewed by others as outstanding, but we think there is actually an objective test that must be applied to identify an "outstanding growth consulting". We must ask this hard question, "Does our work create growth toward the business goals of those we work with?" When we come alongside a company or nonprofit as a growth team, we believe it is our responsibility to focus on strategies that actually produce growth, and put everything else in the list of good, but not critical priorities.  

This collaboration always starts with capturing a brand story that engages the buyer on their way to make a good decision. When we build new websites, they have to do more than just look good. They have to actually drive business growth goals forward.

After all, anything less wouldn't be outstanding.

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Published by Chad Alexander April 29, 2021
Chad Alexander