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Jennifer Bailey
By Jennifer Bailey on August 18, 2020

How Self-Deprecation Can Save Your Failed Ad Campaign

What happens when an ad campaign goes totally wrong? I mean, the ad campaign actually sends their potential customers running for the hills, wanting to jump off a cliff or even better: “climb Mount Everest in flippers,” as one commenter put it. 

Original Ad Campaign by Wix


People hated this. A lot. Our take on it? Well, they tried to be educational which is a great thing to be. But, ads are meant to be an extension of a brand, not about the brand. They made themselves the hero of their own story. WRONG. Their customer needed to be the hero... so that's exactly what they did...

Self-Deprecating, Amazing Ad By Wix

Thanks to some YouTube users who watched way, way, way too many Wix ads and commented about it, the company has rebirthed their ad campaign. They now have a fresh spin, responding not only to the criticisms but offering great suggestions on how to turn the ridiculous comments into real solutions using the Wix platform itself. 


Wait, did I just watch another Wix ad?

And for those viewers who may not normally read the YouTube comments, the user feedback provided that extra push, putting Wix in legendary YouTube Ad space forever: “i was gonna buy youtube red for no ads. but wix actually made me rethink that.”

Published by Jennifer Bailey August 18, 2020
Jennifer Bailey