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Hungry, hungry, hungry...

Did you ever notice that the ads you experience on vacation affect you differently than in every day life? That's the experience you might have when you are super hungry and see commercials for food! With a lot of stay-cationing going on and people choosing to travel by car instead of plane, this canned soup commercial couldn't be more timely - it will actually make you feel hungry after a long day's travel, or if you are thinking about meal prep for your stay at home crew.

This ad hit me after a long drive to a mini vacation. There I sat on a friend's couch, anxiously waiting for some grub, and Campbell's just knew it. That subliminal "hungry, hungry, hungry..." song in the background made me want to get up, run to the store, and heat up some delightful Campbell's Soup.

As you consider social ads for the COVID-induced staycation season, leverage people's desperation for fun and how you might be able to answer that call! Not a brand that solves the "fun" issue? Keep brainstorming about the summer months of 2020, and how your ads can provide a unique experience for this unique season.

Jennifer Bailey

Written by Jennifer Bailey

Enchantress of marketing strategy, digital development and creative spell-craft at Story Collaborative. Among rolling green hills and peaceful forests, an enchantress lived a quiet life surrounded by children and nature. But this enchantress was just as comfortable in the wilderness of the internet as she was in the wilderness of rural Virginia. With deep roots in digital marketing, Jennifer Bailey has 15 years of experience in cultivating organizational growth through conversion optimization, web development, search engine optimization, content development, and social media.