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David Mills
By David Mills on February 15, 2016

Growth Marketing and the Magic Moment of Local Search

Local search services allow businesses to meet customers in the "magic moment of search." Searching online may no longer seem like magic to the customer who has become accustomed to using their phone, tablet, or laptop to shop or find services, but it is magic when a business finds a ready customer through local search. Google's mission is to match up consumer intent in the immediate moment of their search, and local seo services can help organizations meet the consumer in that moment.

Customers that find a business in a local search on their mobile device rank the highest in buying intent.

When local intent is signaled within the search, that search is treated differently by the algorithm, and local results are placed at the top of the page. How does Google identify which search requests have local intent? What's local is determined inside the Google algorithm, but it is becoming increasingly important to both local and regional businesses who want customers to find them when they are searching.

Local search is nearing one-half of all online search.

Local is becoming a major percentage of every kind of customer search, creating new opportunities for local, regional, and national businesses to meet customers where they are. While the exact number can be hard to define---since the search details remain secret at Google---data suggests that local intent is nearing 50% of all search in the United States.

Local search is a new focus of SEO (search engine optimization) and requires a specific strategy based upon the type of specific organization and its location. At first thought, regional or national businesses may seem to be at a disadvantage, but the right strategy for local search should be a part of the broader optimization strategy no matter the business location.

Why does marketing keep you invisible?

Local SEO services should always begin by deepening the business' understanding of customer searching and buying habits. It is critical to understand that both B2B or B2C buyers search in a variety of locations that include search completed in the workplace, but also when they are on mobile or in their homes. The increasing use of telecommuting in the workplace results in a variety of search locations that might occur during a workday meeting. This means that results from search may change depending on where and how the customer is searching. In a high commuter population, local business SEO service should be optimized for the urban work environment, the mobile commuter, and the at-home telecommuter.

The location from which a search is originated can yield completely different results. 

Deepening your understanding of customer search behavior should begin with the development of one or more personas.  Personas help to detail and guide the research that allows the business and local seo service providers to understand language, times, and search trends that help a business connect in the magic moment of search.

Key details of the persona inform the local seo service by identifying the schedule, habits, and frequent behaviors of key buyers within the business marketing target. By understanding the more personal story of the customer, better search optimization can be achieved.

Business that find themselves on the top of the page when a customer is searching for a product or service they provide have joined the customer in the first step of the customer service journey--being present at the expression of need or interest. Local seo services position sellers at the magic moment search.


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Published by David Mills February 15, 2016
David Mills