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Jennifer Bailey
By Jennifer Bailey on September 16, 2020

What to say when your CEO asks: isn't a blog just worthless musings?

The questionWhat to tell your ceo when they ask: "why do we have a blog? Isn't that a bunch of musings from one of our staff?"

The answer:

"Oh man, I hope not! If it is… you might want to have a little talk with that guy. A blog - which is just a group of content - can be a huge asset to any organization who is willing to take the time to invest articles, videos, infographics or other forms of information. Blogs are awesome because they are like a learning center for your customer so they can get answers to their questions before they even talk to sales. It's a huge marketing asset. We can also use the content in the blog as part of the customer's journey in awareness all the way down to decision - and nurture them until the conversion. From commonly asked questions to thought leadership, all of the content produced in your blog should match the most commonly used keywords so Google can pick them up and you can get more website traffic. So, it's not a personal journal, it's your website's best friend."


Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Published by Jennifer Bailey September 16, 2020
Jennifer Bailey