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4 min read

Brochure Websites and a Bridge in Brooklyn for sale

It's a famous story- George Parker used to sell NYC landmarks from a fake office. He sold the Statue of Liberty,...

4 min read

Is your Home care website making seniors vulnerable to scams?

Your home care website is an essential part of your marketing. It's the place that seniors and their families first...

3 min read

10 Steps to Market Your New Healthcare Location or Service

The massive number of details that you're managing to launch a new service line or office location can crowd out one...

3 min read

What's blocking better home care caregiver recruiting?

Attracting the right number of caregivers to meet client demand is challenging. Your growth is limited by not having...

1 min read

when your website is afraid: Website Therapy

I imagine you have heard of arachnophobia (the fear of spiders) or claustrophobia (fear of confined or crowded spaces)....

1 min read

Getting buy-in when your staff says they don’t have time for training

The questionHow to get buy-in when your staff says: “I don’t have time for training!”


The answer:

That ^ is the...

2 min read

What to tell your boss if they ask: Why aren’t our videos working?

The questionWhat would you tell your boss if they asked you, “Why aren’t our videos working?”


The answer:


1 min read

When your boss asks the cost of making your website ADA Compliant

The questionWhat to tell your boss when they walk in and say: “how much is it going to cost us to get our website ADA...

1 min read

When a client asks us: What is your favorite sales hack?

The questionWhen someone asks in a coaching session: “What’s your favorite sales hack of all time?”

The answer:


1 min read

when your website has no date for the prom: website Therapy

No Leads To Your WEbsite, AKA: No-Date-For-Prom-Itis

Does your website lack any return visitors, or have your site...