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1 min read

when your website has no date for the prom: website Therapy

No Leads To Your WEbsite, AKA: No-Date-For-Prom-Itis

Does your website lack any return visitors, or have your site...

1 min read

How to convince your boss that your brands needs investment

The questionhow to help your boss understand that your brand needs time and investment.

The answer:

First, get on...

1 min read

What to say when your CEO asks: isn't a blog just worthless musings?

The questionWhat to tell your ceo when they ask: "why do we have a blog? Isn't that a bunch of musings from one of...

2 min read

Responding to the question: what's the best video editing tool?

The questionhow do you respond to a client when they ask: "What's the best video editing tool?"

The answer:


3 min read

The new online senior is Impacting home care growth

People used to believe that seniors couldn't really be reached online. That's one reason that home care and senior...

4 min read

Downgrading your Marketing with DIY

I'll admit it. I'm a recovering DIY addict. Some of the most humorous words spoken in our home are, "I can do that."...

1 min read

Website Therapy: Techno-Spasm-Itis

Have you noticed a strange pattern of inappropriate, rude or vulgar language in random places on your website? Are you...

2 min read

Preventing Choice Paralysis in your Prospects

What is choice paralysis?

Choice paralysis is the inability to choose, or being frozen in the process because of mental...

1 min read

taunting a major competitor as an ad strategy: peatos vs cheetos

an ad strategy based on tigers

Since 2018, Cheetos has been the target of a new major competitor: PeaTos. These...

1 min read

In front of the camera, when your boss says: I’m terrible at this!

The questionhow to help your boss feel at-ease in front of the camera, when they say: "I'm terrible at this!"