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4 min read

Can Low Cost Website Strategies Reduce Your Ad Spend?

Renting online traffic by purchasing ads is one way to acquire new customers. However, the cost of ads in the online...

3 min read

The 3 R's for COVID-19: How to avoid damage to your brand story

We seem to be back in the soup again. Different states and cities are experiencing different levels of restriction....

2 min read

Brand Story Takes More than Story Telling

We're hearing about story selling, why stories, and story-based marketing. A brand story is more than the application...

2 min read

Keys to Effective Story Branding

Story branding is a shared adventure between you and the people that you serve. Your story brand will always be found...

5 min read

Health Care & Home Care's Unintentional Insider Threat

With all the pressures on health care, to which COVID-19 added, it seems like piling on to raise the issue of cyber...

3 min read

What I Learned About BRAND STORIES & Being on Magazine Covers

It's always a shock to see yourself on public display, especially on the cover (here's the magazine so you can be...

4 min read

Brochure Websites and a Bridge in Brooklyn for sale

It's a famous story- George Parker used to sell NYC landmarks from a fake office. He sold the Statue of Liberty,...

4 min read

Is your Home care website making seniors vulnerable to scams?

Your home care website is an essential part of your marketing. It's the place that seniors and their families first...

3 min read

10 Steps to Market Your New Healthcare Location or Service

The massive number of details that you're managing to launch a new service line or office location can crowd out one...

3 min read

What's blocking better home care caregiver recruiting?

Attracting the right number of caregivers to meet client demand is challenging. Your growth is limited by not having...