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Chad Alexander
By Chad Alexander on September 02, 2020

What to say when asked: What's better? YouTube or Vimeo?

The question: How to respond when asked: "what's better? YouTube or Vimeo?"


The answer:

Well, one isn’t better -- they’re just different! In general, YouTube is the place that the average business can build an audience, gain SEO value (since it’s owned by Google), and expect consumer interaction. Vimeo is really the filmmaker’s platform. This is a place you can host videos that are embedded on your website, or share edits with clients. Vimeo provides unique control of your content that YouTube is not designed for. But, don’t forget! Platforms like Facebook typically require you to upload your video there as well for the best shareability and visibility.”

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

Published by Chad Alexander September 2, 2020
Chad Alexander