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The questionhow to help your boss feel at-ease in front of the camera, when they say: "I'm terrible at this!"

The answer:

"Being on camera is like riding a bike. You were terrible at riding a bike until you practiced and practiced. Smiling puts you at ease, so try to smile well before you hit record. And if you mess up, it’s okay! Keep going...especially in Lives people grant some grace for mess-ups. Also, don’t underestimate the power of positivity: if you use words like success, achievement, goal, outstanding, etc., you are helping your brain to associate filming with confidence and winning. Finally, keep your hands where the audience can see them. As humans, we associate better with other humans when we can see their hands because we know we are not being manipulated or deceived."

Chad Alexander

Written by Chad Alexander

Fifth-Level Wizard of video production, editing, concepts, and strategy. Unofficial Jester specializing in Dad-Jokes at Story Collaborative. Deep in the reaches of the grand technical matrix, a wizard was busy at work cracking codes, creating video, and playing pinball. Soon, his skills grew too great to be contained by the matrix, and his role at Story Collaborative was born. Chad is a videographer, video gamer, writer, board gamer, husband to an awesome wife, copy editor, and Doctor Who nerd. Chad spent nearly 10 years in the government contracting sector, has a BS in video communications, and an MS in information systems management. Chad enjoys learning about cybersecurity, drinking good scotch, and laughing entirely too much.