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Amy Alexander
By Amy Alexander on September 08, 2020

When asked: How can we get more good content on our website?

The questionWhat is your answer when a client asks: “How can I get more good content on my website?”


The answer:

Gary Vaynerchuck is famous for having said: “Every one of you is a media company.” 

“Best case scenario? You have someone in charge of content… as a full time job. But, that’s not always possible. The most important content for your website will do one of these three things: 1. Answer questions that a salesperson would normally have to answer in a consultation, 2. Deliver resources to prospective customers that help with a felt-need so that they learn to trust you, or 3. Build your authority as a thought leader in your industry to demonstrate skills and gain SEO power. 

To begin building these content types, build these responsibilities into roles throughout your company. Provide tools for your sales team, customer services team, marketing team, and product knowledge-holders to write or film content around any topic in their wheel-house. Then, hire an intern or transition at least part of someone’s role to manage these kinds of incoming content types and publish them across digital assets.”


Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

Published by Amy Alexander September 8, 2020
Amy Alexander