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Amy Alexander
By Amy Alexander on September 02, 2020

What to tell your boss when they ask: how can we choose a new logo?

The question: what to tell your boss during a rebrand, when they ask: "how can we choose the best logo?"


The answer:

“So glad you asked! When looking at comps, ask yourself:

  • Is it simple? Simplicity is the difference between a logo and a picture. My rule? The logo has to be usable in one single color. If it requires multiple colors to see overlapping elements or details, then it’s not a logo. It’s a picture.
  • Is it readable? Logos are typically viewed at a relatively small size. Your icon or wordmark need to be readable and identifiable at a very small size.
  • Is it memorable? Now, branding has never been more important. Logos, on the other hand, are becoming less and less important. The ethos and lifestyle of a brand is what drives the actual logo to be memorable. But, it’s still important to be as original as possible with the imagery in your logo. Don’t settle for a Fiverr, dime-a-dozen, just-like-everyone-in-your-industry logo.”

Here's an even more in-depth article about choosing the right logo.


Photo by Alisina Elyasi on Unsplash

Published by Amy Alexander September 2, 2020
Amy Alexander