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David Mills
By David Mills on December 24, 2017

Checklist - Why Your Website is Still Important for Business Growth

You have many choices for marketing and advertising - social networks, digital ads, print ads, email, direct marketing. Which one rises to the top?  If you are in healthcare, technology, education or just about any industry, you may have thought your website was not that valuable because it hasn't been bringing you customers. If this is you, you need to think again.  2017 research reinforces the fact that people who are on their way to becoming customers because they want to expand their learning will go to your website more than any other resource.

Website views are preferred by 20% over any other resources for people who want to learn more about what you offer.

And this preference is true no matter what age is surveyed.  A website that serves prospective customers well has to be a business growth priority.

Website preference research

Business Growth Checklist to Solve for Low Impact Websites

If you don't think your website is creating customers, here is a list of things you can check:

  1. Are you using website analytics? If not, you may not know who is visiting.
  2. Is your website mobile friendly? Look at it yourself on several mobile devices and use the Google test page.
  3. Does your website offer easy to use and find pages about your services? Can a prospective customer answer most or all of their questions quickly?
  4. Do you have a clear value proposition on the home page in a prominent location?
  5. What kind of impression does your website give in general?  Does it demonstrate that you are up to date and professional?
  6. Do you have testimonials located in the places where people most frequently visit on your website?

Make your website work harder for you, so you can reap the benefits in 2020. For more on the topic of business growth, check out these additional resources that can help you kickstart growth:

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Published by David Mills December 24, 2017
David Mills