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Amy Alexander
By Amy Alexander on August 11, 2020

8 youtube stats that will remind you of the needs of your consumer

I don't know if you've noticed, but... your consumers are at home. You know this because you're at home, too! But, it's easy to forget that everyone across the globe is at home in a way they were not previously. The continued behavioral changes of people on YouTube actually hold unique insights into how people are feeling, what they are needing, and how their life is changing. These 8 YouTube stats will remind you of the needs of your consumer. They might even launch your marketing team toward an empathetic strategy that hits a home run (no pun intended).

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The needs of your consumer: family activities

If you're stuck at home with kids, you know the outrageous struggle of keeping children of all ages and temperaments occupied. You might be working during the day, which presents an even greater struggle, or you might be full-time-quarantine-child-rearing... which presents its own monumental struggle.

YouTube has seen a 90% increase in searches for "activities to do with kids." Although "happy wife, happy life" may be the old adage, "happy kids, happy home-that-I-will-continue-to-be-stuck-in-for-the-forseable-future" is truly reality. 

Not surprisingly, there has also been a 600% increase in searches for "to do at home."

This not only presents some amazing new content that you company might be able to provide, it also acts as a constant reminder that you only have so much of a parent's attention. At any given time, you're a minute slice of their brain when the children are running around aimlessly. How can your experience make their lives better? Quickly? So that they can move on to finding activities for their children on YouTube.

Jack of all trades.

A 65% increase in searches for "step by step" and "for beginners" also reminds us that our consumers are suddenly requiring expertise in a lot of things. Many are not their choice.

And, don't forget the 200% increase in "coffee recipe" searches.

As states continue to open up, and salons continue taking appointments, the need to do things like cut hair at home will diminish. But, make no mistake, a new lifestyle has emerged. There are many activities that will still induce concern or fear in your consumer. Or, a simple need for DIY, budget-friendly fulfillment will continue driving people to learn new skills for themselves.

Consider how your product could become DIY, or have a self-fulfillment element. People have taken control of their lives in a unique way during the global pandemic, and they are more empowered than ever to find new ways to accomplish their tasks.

Home is Headquarters

As the globe settles into the reality that working and schooling from home will be the 2020 story (or beyond?!), people are investing in their spaces. They want organized rooms, a sustainable garden, and they want their house to be a streamlined center of constant activity. As Google put it, "Home as HQ." 

Searches for "grow at home" received a 300% bump, and "small bedroom ideas" rose 100%, year over year. And, with the announcement of public schools enforcing a digital first quarter, parents are also searching for knowledge about their upcoming school year. "Homeschool" or "home school" received a 120% increase since March 2020. In response, video uploads about "distance learning" or "remote teaching" skyrocketed to more than 23,000 in March 2020. Previously, it had been at the dull roar of >300.

What does this mean for you? Well, it means that people have their hands full. And, they're focusing their values, money, resources, and time into surviving through the end of 2020. All that hard work to create rhythms and environments for their new at-home life will overflow into how they make decisions and what they really value.

These Way-Forward Personas need our empathy, and their behavior can drive our own innovation!



Published by Amy Alexander August 11, 2020
Amy Alexander