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Amy Alexander
By Amy Alexander on September 16, 2020

How to convince your boss that your brands needs investment

The questionhow to help your boss understand that your brand needs time and investment.

The answer:

First, get on the same page about terminology. Brand does not equal a logo. Your company can invest in your brand without even touching your logo. So, tell them this: “When I say that we need to invest in our brand, I mean that our overall messaging -- the unified story we’re telling people from the website to the receptionist to our social content -- lacks unity. People are confused about what we’re saying and who we are! We need a strategy. And, I’m likely not even suggesting we touch our logo.”

It's important that you don't die on the logo hill. In today's market, the logo means much less than your overall messaging and brand story. It's important, but you can often solve brand unity without touching the logo. And, if you can't, then the social proof of investing in your overall brand will give you ammunition for investing in your visual expression.

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Published by Amy Alexander September 16, 2020
Amy Alexander