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The questionhow do you respond to a client when they ask: "What's the best video editing tool?"

The answer:

"for high-end editing, it's DaVinci Resolve. But, there are some other great choices, too. You need to discover the best video editing tool for you and your needs. Here's how..."

Consider three things when determining the best video editing tool for you:

  1. What system or phone do you have? If you want to edit on your desktop, there are many options like DaVinci Resolve (our personal favorite), Adobe Premiere (also a good pick), Magix Vegas, Wondershare Filmora, and more. For Macs, your options are a little more limited but you have workhorses like Final Cut Pro, Kdenlive, iMovie, and HitFilm Express. The best thing to do is to download demos and read reviews. Some things that are a nonstarter for editors may not bother you.
  2. The best video editing tool fits your cost. Let’s face it: you know that video is imperative in today’s world. That being said, you may not have the resources to pull this off with a lot of money. Or, you have been burned in the past by spending a lot on video that didn’t perform. The difference between iMovie, a consumer product, and Final Cut Pro, a more professional editing program, are features. Every video editor allows you to cut, which is the foundation to any edited video. Editing tools are a lot like name brand appliances...you can buy a Maytag, Whirlpool, Fridgidiere, or Samsung refrigerator, each with their own features and bells and whistles. But all of them help preserve your food.
  3. The best video editing tool helps you get videos out there, fast. So, if you’re used to making videos in iMovie and your workflow has been perfected, continue on unless you want to learn something new. The more you edit videos, the faster you will become and the process will be the same, regardless of what program you use. It’s like driving your own car versus a rental...you may take longer to get used to the rental, but there’s only a brief learning curve with the particular features of the rental...there’s still Drive, Reverse, a Steering Wheel, etc. Especially in today’s world, videos don’t “go viral” anymore. You need to pump out several videos that serve the audience while tweaking as needed. There isn’t a perfect video but a video that is perfect for the audience and the situation they’re in.

If you still need more advice on how to get the best video editing tool for your workflow, take the “What Video Editing Tool is Right for You?” quiz! You’ll not only get a score that tells you what level of competency you’re at and what software is most likely right for you, but if you provide your name and email address, I’ll send you personalized results in a video email.



Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Chad Alexander

Written by Chad Alexander

Fifth-Level Wizard of video production, editing, concepts, and strategy. Unofficial Jester specializing in Dad-Jokes at Story Collaborative. Deep in the reaches of the grand technical matrix, a wizard was busy at work cracking codes, creating video, and playing pinball. Soon, his skills grew too great to be contained by the matrix, and his role at Story Collaborative was born. Chad is a videographer, video gamer, writer, board gamer, husband to an awesome wife, copy editor, and Doctor Who nerd. Chad spent nearly 10 years in the government contracting sector, has a BS in video communications, and an MS in information systems management. Chad enjoys learning about cybersecurity, drinking good scotch, and laughing entirely too much.