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Jennifer Bailey
By Jennifer Bailey on September 08, 2020

When your intern asks: How Do I SEO my articles?

The question: what to say to your intern when they ask: "what's the first thing I can do to seo my articles?"


The answer:

"Oh hey intern, thanks for asking about optimizing your content!

With good content that has some basic search engine structure like keywords, your content should be reaching higher ranks with google search results in just a matter of time. But first it’s important that you have some basic understanding of how Google wants to find and rank your content. So, intern, go ahead and login to your HubSpot Academy and filter the Marketing classes by Search Engine Optimization. Google search console also has a great search engine optimization starter guide. To help google find your content, you are going to want to use keywords in some specific places and have enough content in your article that Google will be able to rank it. Remember, Google will see your article the same way a user will - so your goal is simply to tell Google what the topic of your article is, using keywords and words related to it. I would also say that I am looking forward to seeing your first piece - it's important to have a mentor that is able to edit and critique your work and help you get better at it."



Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

Published by Jennifer Bailey September 8, 2020
Jennifer Bailey