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David Mills
By David Mills on September 01, 2019

Story Ecology

Story Ecology is the analysis and development of intentional strategies to bring health and vitality to the complex network of stories that surround every organization. The interaction of these stories, their impact on both the organization and the individual groups. Story ecology combines elements of cultural anthropology, communications theory, systems thinking from ecology, narratology and communications best practices to enhance prosocial values and interpersonal health in companies and nonprofits.

David Mills, M.A., M.P.A is the founder of this approach and refers to himself as a Story Ecologist. He applies it through strategic analysis of the story health of organizations and intentional strategies to bring insight to leaders who want to improve both the relationships and productivity of internal team members and the quality of experience among customers and clients.

Stories are mapped to understand how they define and validate company values and missions statements and the stories that are interwoven both inside and outside a company are analyzed to identify opportunities and challenges to their market position and authenticity in their target market.

Published by David Mills September 1, 2019
David Mills