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David Mills
By David Mills on December 07, 2017

How Are Home Care Agencies Doing Online with Patient AND Caregiver Recruiting?

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room,” - Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos

A company's online presence has become vital to how its customers and potential employees perceive their brand. From the look and feel of the website, to its content, to where your company come up in their Google search results, people care how you present yourself. So just how are home health and home care agencies doing online? Numbers don't lie, so let's take a look at some statistics on the subject. Do you know where you stand as a company? The results might surprise you.

Review of Home Care Agencies in the Mid-Atlantic, Completed in Fall 2017:

  • Average Website Rank- 46%
  • Average SEO Errors or Major Issues per Website 4.3
  • Significant mobile website errors 3.1
  • Backlinks- only 1.5 on average
  • Errors in social configuration on website - 3
  • Local search errors 72%

Expert Guide to Home Care Marketing

Evaluation of Employer Branding on Home Health Websites:

  • Value proposition is clear and and above the fold. 31%
  • Imagery that depicts employment is engaging and appropriate. 63%
  • Employee testimonials or stories are included. 0%
  • Have a web page that describes employment. 96%
  • Benefits to working there are clearly described and differentiated. 33%

As you can see, the report cards give failing grades to these agencies. It can be hard to see the traction you need with hiring and recruiting if all the pieces aren't working properly. Evaluate where you stand online and make changes that will have the largest impact.

Making an Impact

The changes you need to implement to make the biggest impact online will be different for each company. However, there's one big trend we're seeing in the marketing industry that we think has the power to take home health agencies to the next level.

Do you feel the suspense?

It's video. Real people, talking on camera. And the best part? It doesn't have to be highly produced. People want to see real, authentic people, on camera (but with good audio. They're picky about that).

Published by David Mills December 7, 2017
David Mills