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Jennifer Bailey
By Jennifer Bailey on September 23, 2020

when your website is afraid: Website Therapy

I imagine you have heard of arachnophobia (the fear of spiders) or claustrophobia (fear of confined or crowded spaces). But have you ever heard of a pseudo phobia, called Ostrich Complex? 

This phobia only affects marketing materials like websites and landing pages, and is quite the opposite of phobo-phobia - which is the fear of fear itself. Ostrich Complex happens to websites that are afraid. 

Signs and symptoms of websites with Ostrich Complex are:

  • It refuses to give any real answers to hard questions
  • It hides important product or service information from visitors, like Pricing
  • It avoids difficult subjects like competitor info and doesn't want to talk about its problems at all
  • It lacks common answers to questions like a Q&A section
  • It offers little to no value to your potential customers
  • They refuse to give you the information you are looking for… i.e. what is your secret to keeping your website ADA compliant at all times?

Unfortunately, Ostrich Complex is a fairly common symptom of traditional websites. But, there's hope. Take our website personality quiz, and discover more about how your website is interacting with people.

website personality quiz


Published by Jennifer Bailey September 23, 2020
Jennifer Bailey