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David Mills
By David Mills on May 04, 2020

Mastering Virtual Sales with Seniors

If you’re facing a big reduction in your ability to close sales with seniors, you’re not alone. If you’re like the other salespeople that we’re talking with, and you have seen your closing rate drop far too low, then it’s time to learn the skills and techniques for the virtual close. 

Improve your sales to seniors with virtual sales skills

This should be a big season for seniors to make some important buying decisions, but the sale is going to go to the salesperson who can make the transition from in-person to virtual closing.

Closing sales with seniors virtually is here to stay. If you are in senior living, funeral preneeds, or sell products or services that are purchased by seniors, closing with them online is a must-do. For the foreseeable future, most seniors are going to either be unable to meet in person, or you won’t be able to bring them into your facility. Seniors are going to be the last group that become available or willing to meet in person. That can put a serious strain on your sales process.

For many sales people, the idea that they can sell and close online is met with some skepticism. Sales people think, “could it work?” and, “will it really work?” That skepticism is understandable if they’ve built a career selling to people in person. Your greatest asset is - you - and the credibility and trust-building that happens when you meet in person can be lost - unless - you know how to sell the way that tech companies have been successfully selling for years. That tech approach, plus the right ingredients for seniors, creates a powerful combination.

Virtual meetings are a lot better than trying to use the phone. Video really is the next best thing to being there, but it is still different than closing in person. Here are a couple of reasons why:

  • Buying is an emotional decision, and the things that normally make us feel excited about buying just aren’t the same in a video setting. For example, not meeting in the facility that you’re buying services from, where prospects can experience what you offer, means you have to give them other ways to connect emotionally. 
  • And of course, trust is a big factor too. Building trust via video is different than sitting down together face-to-face.
  • What you might have relied upon in your facility or in-person meeting doesn’t work in the same way when it's virtual. You have to present your best benefits and features differently.
  • Many of your sales skills that you’ve honed are based upon what you do in the in-person setting. Showing empathy, reading body language, and establishing rapport are all different when you are virtual, but these are skills you can adapt with a little coaching.
  • And the collateral and tools you use to close in a virtual meeting aren’t the same ones you use in person. 

To quote Global Atlantic Financial (Life and Preneeds Insurance), on how to sell right now, the "entire feel and etiquette of a meeting changes when it is on video." They go on to say, "Video is a game-changer," when it comes to sales.

In the virtual setting, all of these areas need to be adjusted:

  • Listening and Engagement Skills
  • Collateral
  • Personal Presentation
  • Creating engagement and trust
  • Process for sales starts differently

To be successful, you have to take some key steps before the call AND do things differently on the video call. 

From a single meeting in-person to a virtual process

What you do before, during, and after the virtual encounter has to be updated to get the same job done - closing the sale. Instead of a single meeting, it’s a new process that starts before the meeting. You can get a real competitive advantage by learning it.

And what do you do about seniors who simply can’t make a video call? You can reach them too, with some key steps to help them along the way. Today, it will take more than a phone call to close the sale. And you won’t be able to successfully take your in-person process and move it over to Zoom. 

Improve your sales to seniors with virtual sales skills

You’ve got to learn some new skills in the use of technology. While it’s not hard to learn, it really does take some coaching and practice to learn to communicate in a whole new medium.

If your plan was to just ride this out without changing anything you’ll probably be sorry, because while seniors' needs didn't change, the world did.

Good News

If you learn the skills of virtual sales and closing now, it will put you back on track to reach your sales goals. 

BUT, those same new skills will also prepare you to be more effective in the new normal that’s ahead. Seniors and the world have taken big steps toward EVERYTHING being virtual for a long-time to come.

If you sell with seniors, managing that process online is here to stay. Learning to use these skills effectively will get back on track to reach your sales goals, and learn a set of competitive skills that you use no matter what happens in the future.

If you’re ready to increase your skills, fix your closing rate and get your sales moving, join us for this free virtual workshop.

Learn 5 keys to more sales with seniors using virtual sales skills

Published by David Mills May 4, 2020
David Mills