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David Mills
By David Mills on August 25, 2020

De-Personalization Disorder: Website THerapy

Personalization vs. de-personalization

Understanding Personalization

In order to understand de-personalization we have to understand personalization. This is the use of data to deliver messages and information to the right person at the right time. This can put the right kind of data in front of the right person at the right time. 

So, what is de-personalization?

De-Personalization Disorder is the lack of personally engaging messaging on a website or web page. This occurs when marketers or business leaders believe the myth that you can only have one website. Or, that one experience online has to work for all of their customers. Effective marketing and websites always involve multiple kinds of entry pages, specialized messaging for specific audiences and in the case of websites like ours [crass commercial message] smart content that changes based upon where a person is viewing from, what they’ve shown interest in, or what they’ve downloaded before. Customers, and repeat visitors can have different messaging, that leads to different experiences. 

  • De-personalization is not just the lack of a person's name on an email (althought that’s bad)
  • Personalization has conditioned people to expect marketing that is tailored to them. De-personalization, therefore, occurs when people are underwhelmed by their experience because it didn't meet them where they are
  • De-personalization guarantees that you are going to miss on the majority of website visitors because they won’t see themselves on your site, or connect with your messaging
  • Just because you don’t want to cyber-stalk or invade people's privacy doesn’t mean you are stuck with de-personalized digital assets
  • Even through personalization started with the big brands doesn’t mean small and medium size companies can’t use it
  • At least ⅓ of marketers have no ability to personalize - at all - so don’t feel bad if that’s you. About 50% of marketers say that they have old technology and just can’t do it well.

The lack of automation and CRM capabilities makes websites (and all other marketing) dramatically less effective. Because it is "one size fits all." You know, those clothes that don’t actually fit anyone?

De-personalization disorder can be cured with three steps:

  1. clear personas
  2. a CRM that is integrated into all marketing (included web), and 
  3. visitor interaction with your content that creates a track-record in that CRM.  If you have those three ingredients you can start personalizing.
If you’d like a 20 minute solution session to talk about ways you can personalize right now, schedule with David Mills. No sales pitch, no cost. Just solutions.
Published by David Mills August 25, 2020
David Mills