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David Mills
By David Mills on July 05, 2017

Christian Schools Marketing Tip #2 Connect with Parents Early in Their Process


Christian School Marketing Tip #2

Here is Tip #2 - Connect with Parents BEFORE they inquire.  For many parents, the inquiry button, especially when it takes them to a complicated form, feels like an enrollment commitment. And while all that information is nice for admissions directors, it's not helpful for parents who are still early in their decision process. Sometimes, they really just want to learn more without giving up lots of information. The general rule is this, "the more information you request, the fewer people will fill out the form."

To build more enrollment you need to connect with parents long before they are ready for any kind of commitment. The best time to connect is as early in their process as possible. And your website needs more than one way for that to occur.

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Published by David Mills July 5, 2017
David Mills