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David Mills
By David Mills on July 18, 2017

Christian School Marketing Tip #4 Link Marketing and Admissions

Christian School Marketing Tip #4 - Link Admissions and Marketing Together

It's easy for admissions and marketing activities to run on two separate tracks - but until the silos are removed, neither will operate at their best.  The process that families and students go through to come to an enrollment decision involves multiple touches from a marketing perspective, and then a strong hand-off to admissions.  But without coordination and intelligence sharing, we can make the hand-off too soon, or too late.

Growing schools and colleges find ways to coordinate these activities, often by not only linking people, but their systems too.  Using the right marketing system and an easy-to-use CRM can make a big difference.

Authentic content is the kind of content that speaks to more than just "why your school is great," it is focused on the unspoken and felt needs of parents who are considering what they should do about their children's education.

Watch the video to get some additional insights.

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Published by David Mills July 18, 2017
David Mills