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David Mills
By David Mills on July 12, 2017

Christian School Marketing Tip #3 - Authentic Content


Tip #3 for Christian School Marketing - Provide Authentic and Valuable Content Online

Both Google and real people are looking for the same thing online - something that meets the needs of the person who is searching.  Google's algorithm measures how valuable the content is based upon consumer behavior.  If they read it, share it, and linger, then that is evidence that you've hit the mark.  So the key is not some kind of magical, SEO, keyword stuffing, it's just about providing value.  That has to meet two tests-- is it really "you," and does it meet their needs?  Authentic content is a real expression of the character and personality of your school.

Authentic content is the kind of content that speaks to more than just "why your school is great," it is focused on the unspoken and felt needs of parents who are considering what they should do about their children's education. 

Watch the video to get some additional insights.


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Published by David Mills July 12, 2017
David Mills