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David Mills
By David Mills on June 01, 2023

Zoho or HubSpot The Real Story

While both HubSpot and Zoho are popular CRM solutions, they offer distinct approaches to customer engagement. It's crucial to understand these differences as they can significantly impact your organization's growth and evolving needs.

So, is it Zoho or HubSpot?

Here's a quick overview of both platforms, their features, and which one will serve you the best

Quick Overview of Zoho and HubSpot

Zoho offers a comprehensive cloud-based CRM suite, including process automation, marketing, customer service, product configuration, document management, and customer analytics. Although Zoho has developed most of its products in-house, integrating them requires additional connections or integrations due to the diverse underlying infrastructure. For instance, connecting Zoho Desk and Marketing to the CRM requires establishing synchronization rules and connections similar to those for a third-party service or marketing solution.

HubSpot offers a comprehensive cloud-based CRM platform encompassing content management, marketing, sales, customer service, and operations. All of these capabilities are integrated into a unified ecosystem of business-driving tools, built on the same codebase with data consolidated in one place. This eliminates the need for integration processes that are often required by other providers.

While both HubSpot and Zoho are popular CRM solutions, they offer different approaches to customer engagement. Understanding these distinctions is crucial as they can significantly impact the growth and changing needs of your organization. 

Feature Comparison

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How to assess which tool will serve you more effectively

The key to comparing these two tools is found in understanding your growth path. If you have large numbers of leads and want to be able to scale, HubSpot will provide a much broader array of integrations (2X's as many), and integrates at a higher level with substantial tools like Salesforce and ZoomInfo. Zoho falls more into the DIY range of marketing tools, and if you intend to operate using a combination of DIY tools then Zoho may be a suitable choice. 

One great way to compare is to spin up a trial of both systems to see which one is easier to use, and which one is more intuitive. With HubSpot, you can keep the CRM and connect it to your WordPress website permanently without any cost, so there isn't any risk.

Pricing approach: Zoho offers a per-user fee structure which can get expensive with teams over a dozen. HubSpot offers essentially unlimited users with a paid version unless you are using the sales Pro services. So a company with 100 users will pay the same as one with 20 for the software they are using.

Published by David Mills June 1, 2023
David Mills