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David Mills
By David Mills on July 08, 2020

the dreamer: website therapy for a site that doesn't convert

The Dreamer website personality is big on dreams, but a little low on application. Even the most inspiring website can have a very high bounce rate and low conversion rates (i.e., it doesn't accomplish much).
Sometimes an inspirational video or picture is actually just a filler, because the organization hasn't clearly defined its unique value proposition - the thing that makes an organization special. While everyone loves an amazing video or photograph (please 🙏 no memes on your website unless it's meant to be tongue in cheek), people search for and visit a website with a purpose in mind. If you aren't satisfying that need, or answering their question, you're probably irritating them instead. 
One way to tell that you have a Dreamer Website Personality is to look at the amount of time that people spend on your home page, and what they do before they leave. If the visit length is short, and it is a high exit page, then you may have a dreamer on your hands.

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If you sell inspirational goods or services, then the dreamer personality can work for you. But most people don't sell posters, concerts or speaking engagements. For almost everyone else, a Dreamer Website Personality may do a good job of connecting people to your big vision, but it doesn't make them a customer. 
It's important to know your customer and the process they take for making decisions. For some customers, displaying beauty can definitely lead to a purchase. That's the magic of Pinterest, cooking videos and home decorating magazines. There is nothing more frustrating than finding something that you want or need and then not having an easy way to purchase. People need simple and concrete ways to take action. And depending on your audience type, the length of time between finding something they want or need and taking action can be very short. Your customers may be hunters not just shoppers.

Dreamer Websites can also be procrastinators

There is another important lesson here too. Unless you are an elite bespoke service provider or artisan, taking action doesn't just mean providing prospects with a phone number or email. A website that only has a phone number and email (which we know are only answered during the workday) might be have the dreamer personality because people can't take action right now. It's much better to allow them to schedule with you on their own, make the purchase, or get some addition free information, than to make a prospect who is ready wait until you get around to responding.  Websites can have the dreamer personality not because the customers are procrastinators, but because the website simply is able to convert a lead to a customer.

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One big thing that you can do to Help your website

The fastest way to bring some health to a website with a Dreamer Personality is to align the website with the buyer's journey. When you match your website content and visuals with answers to what people want and need in all the stages of their buyer's journey, you'll be taking a big dose of website therapy to heart.
The buyer's journey helps you to identify the specific mental space that a prospect is in when they first find you online. It addresses the future buyer's needs when they are first wrestling with how they will solve for the challenge they are facing. A complete buyer's journey stays with that buyer as they begin to compare and contrast their options, and it allows them to share a little more of their personal information. If well-designed, it builds interest to the point that they are willing to spend some initial time or money with your offer, and then takes them all the way through becoming a customer.

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Published by David Mills July 8, 2020
David Mills