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Jennifer Bailey
By Jennifer Bailey on August 04, 2020

value propositions that win: Ads in the Wild

Let's talk about the power of the value proposition - as it's that one powerful statement that clearly defines the benefit of a product or service. 

Believe it or not, a value proposition is a huge part of advertising. And, without even knowing it, you come across them every single day. Let's take a look at some ads in the wild to decide how value propositions persuade our thinking every day…

Freshbooks: A Value Proposition and Brand Promise

Freshbooks value proposition

"All-In-One Small Business Invoicing and Accounting Solution." Yep, that pretty much says it all. But wait, there's more... "The all-new Freshbooks is accounting software that makes running your small business easy, fast and secure. Spend less time on accounting and more time doing the work you love."

Ok, that really does say it all. Freshbooks has expertly packed what makes them valuable into a great headline. Then, they expound by positioning themselves for small businesses, highlighting their features, and then promising to create more time for "the work you love."

Apple: always making us think different

apple value proposition for iPad

Apple messaging has a long history (since 1984, to be exact) of helping us reimagine what we want and need. In this value proposition: "Your next computer is not a computer," Apple once again challenges our belief that we actually need a computer at all. Simultaneously, the message helps us understand what value the iPad Pro can bring. And, not at all surprising, you'll see the imagery itself helps to punctuate some of the value they claim to bring; a simple and thin screen that has the power of a computer becomes the newest item on everyone's Christmas list.

Dollar Shave Club: Entertainment Around Every Corner

ads in the wild - dollar shave club

Since it's debut, Dollar Shave Club has brought a unique, caution-to-the-wind flair to their messaging. Their value proposition is somewhat standard in their industry, suggesting that their products are well made and ready for any set of needs. But, the kicker comes with its ending: "as unique as you are." Combined with the outlandish video in the background, this brand knows that one of its major selling points, and value, is in its culture.

Published by Jennifer Bailey August 4, 2020
Jennifer Bailey