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David Mills
By David Mills on August 05, 2021

6 Ways to Turn the Wordpress HubSpot Integration into a Growth Machine

How the WordPress HubSpot integration can supercharge your website performance
Have you ever noticed a button in your car or on your computer that you've never really used? Unless you actually read the manual , it's easy to miss some of the best features that technology can deliver. It works that way when you have added the WordPress HubSpot integration to your WordPress website, too. There are lots of features that may have never explored. With the right approach, you can turn the WordPress HubSpot integration into an effective growth engine for your business or nonprofit.

More than 100,000 WordPress websites have added the HubSpot plugin to their website. Many of these sites have only implemented one feature from this rich integration. Instead of making HubSpot just another plugin on your website, you can use the integration to create a powerful growth system

Did you install a HubSpot tracking code for just one tool? Leverage all the free HubSpot features for WordPress.

Here's one key:  CMS + CRM = Marketing Impact. Most people use WordPress for the Content Management System (CMS) - it's easy to post blogs for content marketing. But when you combine a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) with the CMS you have the beginnings of a growth system that can help you reach more people consistently.

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CRM & Contact Management will improve lead tracking and follow-up

If you are using the HubSpot Forms Embed, your website forms will automatically sync with your HubSpot CRM so you can easily manage your contacts, segment them into lists, and see every interaction they've had with your website. This plugin creates & updates each contact record with a unified timeline of the contact’s page views, live chat conversations, form submissions, and more.

Email Marketing can keep you top of mind

Build beautiful, responsive newsletters to send to your contact database with HubSpot’s easy-to-use, drag and drop email builder. Build your own or select from 20+ pre-designed templates and track who is opening for follow-up.

An effective growth system includes the ability to track visitor behaviors and nurture based on those demonstrated preferences. Staying top of mind with emails that targets the actual needs and goals of web visitors is part of escaping online invisibility. Most WordPress users are paying for email services elsewhere, but they are provided through the HubSpot WordPress integration without cost.

Are you taking advantage of these under-used HubSpot WordPress Tools?

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Marketing Automation

Send an automated email when someone fills out a form or sends you a live chat message. All emails are automatically logged in your CRM and include tracking for open and click rates so you can track engagement.

Marketing automation doesn't mean cold or impersonal when it is done right - in fact, people expect websites to respond to them automatically. Every time someone completes a form, they expect an automatic and immediate response.

They also expect the website to anticipate their needs- that's automation too - and a requirement for an effective growth system. HubSpot offers a whole range of automation, with many of the automation tools available with the free plugin. 

Skipping automation creates a problem for your staff demand and a negative customer experience. Even simple things like responding to a contact form shouldn't be something that staff has to touch. When someone has completed any form on your website, why should they have to fill out the same information on another form?

HubSpot resolves these and many other issues with powerful automation. 

Live Chat & Chatbots

The moment of search - when someone finds the answer they were looking for - is the moment in which they want and need to be able to interact with you. No matter what time of day, live chat or chatbots make that possible. Adding this tool (which is a way to boost growth) is already built into the HubSpot tool at no cost.   

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Forms & Popups

The HubSpot embed form can be used on your website to sync all of your marketing contacts and responses between your website and the CRM. These forms can be implemented with a variety of popups and embedded form types. 

Why use another plugin for this purpose when you can simply use the free forms provided by HubSpot? Normally you have to pay for a form service, and then link that form through an API provider so it will show up in your CRM. Not only does that waste time and require upkeep and cost, but it adds code to your website that decreases the length of time for the website to load (Google doesn't like that).

What's more, HubSpot can also capture existing forms on your website if you haven't made the change so these show up in your CRM automagically. 

If you have a pop-up builder you can simply embed the HubSpot form, too.


Built-in analytics makes it easy to understand which sales and marketing actions are driving success. The ability to understand what is working online allows you to develop and improve your website and campaigns. No online property is ever born perfect- it has to be optimized. 

Launching any website or marketing campaign without effective analytics is a great way to have a terrible website or an invisible campaign

Analytics are already built into HubSpot.

Seamless Integrations

Since you probably already have other tools you use alongside WordPress, now you can easily integrate HubSpot with over 750 apps including Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, Stripe, without requiring any additional plugins.

HubSpot also works great with Zapier, so you can easily connect your tools together.

HubSpot Content Management System (CMS)

And don't forget the power of the HubSpot website system (CMS) that allows you to build an entire website on the SaaS platform. These websites are fully integrated with all of the HubSpot tools, making them powerful and easy to manage.

New call-to-actionAbout Story Collaborative - we are HubSpot Gold partners with more than 25 years of WordPress experience. We build high-performing websites and growth systems as a collaborative outsourced growth team.

Published by David Mills August 5, 2021
David Mills