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Chad Alexander
By Chad Alexander on January 31, 2021

30 Most Reputable Companies of 2021...And We Made the List

Story Collaborative was named one of the top "30 Most Reputable Companies of the Year 2021" by The Silicon Review. We're honored to have this distinction and excited for what it means this year and moving forward. Part of the reason we were chosen for this distinction is because we believe that the current marketing agency model is unfair.

"It is unfair for an agency to build websites based on assumptions alone, that function as glorified brochures, or that don't deliver on the best of agile and SaaS technology." - David Mills, Chief Growth Officer.

What drives us to make the playing field more level is our obsession with storytelling in your brand, also known as your brand story (it's in our namesake, after all). A brand story that actually works has to engage the buyer in their journey - resonating with the real concerns and challenges that start a buyer on their search for solutions. While it might pump our ego to see a brand story or website that is "all about us," that's not what moves the buyer to a decision.

The problem with many brand stories is that many agencies don't use them properly. Instead of following a buyer centric approach, agencies will often present the website with an internal point of view. The big problem here is that this kind of website misses out on who the customer is, and fails to address the real reasons that drive a buying decision forward.

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Websites and marketing that are built solely on assumptions from existing marketing are unlikely to offer improvement because they only deliver more of the same. A retread of low performing web pages, content and offers isn't going to lead to better results - even it it looks better.  

The idea that the "prettiest website wins," is a myth. But that is often all that a new website delivers.

In the list of things that create stronger buyer lead flows, having the most attractive website is not at the top of the list. Instead, we have to take the best available tech (which is our experience is enterprise all-in-one software), and build in a brand story that addresses the real buyer's journey. Rather than the primary driver, graphics and website designs have to serve-up the content and offers that will help move the buyer's decision forward. 

Being a reputable company is a responsibility that we take seriously. When we come alongside a company or nonprofit as a growth team, we believe it is our responsibility to focus on strategies that produce growth. That always starts with capturing a brand story that engages the buyer on their way to make a good decision. When we build new websites, they have to do more than just look good, they have to actually support business growth goals - anything less wouldn't be fair.

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Published by Chad Alexander January 31, 2021
Chad Alexander