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Amy Alexander
By Amy Alexander on June 20, 2023

[VIDEO] How to Get Great Leads in Your HubSpot CRM Today

In 3.5 minutes, we'll show you how to get leads in your HubSpot CRM today!

We know how it is: you have an amazing HubSpot CRM ready to automate and do its job, but now you need action. Soon. Use this one simple trick to pump new (pretty great) leads into your platform. And it can happen as soon as TODAY.



How does this strategy work for HubSpot CRM?

We've tried a lot of ways to get leads. From the "slow and faithful" organic search route to Google or social ads. The problem with these approaches is that they can be painfully slow, or they can waste ad money very fast with no return. When used in conjunction with an Account-Based Marketing strategy, gathering leads from a source like UpLead can actually be very effective and straightforward.

What is Account-Based Marketing?

Stated simply, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is the act of marketing to a very specific set of accounts (companies) that could be a great fit for your product.

Most inbound marketing will tell you to bring leads in from the wide world of Google to your website by providing valuable content. This can be effective. Eventually. But, for many types of businesses, they don't need to market to the entire world via content and high-ranking search terms. They don't need to post on social media every day to reach hundreds and thousands of people. They don't need to filter through the massive world of the internet.

For some, a far more effective strategy is to market to a relatively small list of companies that would benefit from their product. 

How does UpLead work with ABM?

For a pretty small fee (and yes, you can use our referral link if you want. But, that's not why we love UpLead), UpLead gives you access to contact information for any industry and region you're looking for. In fact, it lets you filter by a lot more than that.

UpLead is a simple and smart way to build your ABM list.

If you had a simple strategy for warming these cold leads up using email (Hint: we have that for you right here... for free... in our Warm Leads Workshop) then you could import qualified leads into your HubSpot and start warming them up using your CRM. 

So go ahead, start gathering awesome leads! Then come back and take our Warm Leads Workshop.

Hint: we have that for you right here... for free... in our Warm Leads Workshop



[00:00:00] Hey, Chad, did you know that you could get great leads in your HubSpot portal by tomorrow? Tomorrow? Yeah. Tomorrow or today? Tomorrow or today? Yeah. Okay. When now? Or later? Oh, like the candy? No, in HubSpot. Mm. Okay. Internet. Let's get some leads now.

I'm Chad with c HubSpot Run a platinum HubSpot partner. The simple truth is that you can pay a low fee using a software known as up lead to get great leads in your CRM right now. Wait, it's not free. No. I mean, getting leads is never truly free, right? You're gonna to pay a little bit anything free life is kinda like a timeshare event.

It's really free. But if all the lead services you tried. Up lead has a great customer service. They uh, they have good platform integration and they actually would pair with good strategies. It actually works out [00:01:00] really, really well. Great strategies. So you mean like our warm leads workshop, like we teach people for free how to take those leads and then make them warm?

Yes. Back then that is the one. Okay. Internet. Let me show you how to get leads in your portal now. Not tomorrow now. All right guys. As you can see here, we're the up lead homepage and pretty much everything you can access in the tool is on the sidebar. The top three things we're gonna focus on today are your contact search, your company search.

And my lists. So let's look at the contact search. You can drill down by industry. You can do titles, locations, whatever you need to find your audience. You can look it up here and you can do the same thing. If you want to target a specific company, you can do so with the exact same filters, but using a company search, if you want to target just a company itself.

And finally, let's look at my lists. My list is a great tool because if you find companies that you're interested in or [00:02:00] contacts, you can always create a list. You can name it, uh, and you can start populating contacts in it and it'll give you who it's created by the users in up lead their names. Uh, give you the upload date and it'll give you a set of actions where you can, uh, export the list or view the list.

So, how do we get great leads into our crm? Well, that's the whole reason we made this video. We have a list here, as you can see, and on the right column you see actions for you guys. If you don't already have HubSpot set up, you'll see crm. You'll click on that and you can easily connect HubSpot. If you want to, you can go through individual contacts and then you can export them to HubSpot or you can export them all in bulk.

Cool. So, uh, what do you do with the leads once they're in HubSpot? Oh, I'm glad you asked. It's kind of like we wrote this in the script. Okay. So what you do is you take your Cole leads. And you warm 'em up into warm leads. So that prompts us to the next phase, which is our warm [00:03:00] leads workshop. And you should come to it.

It's totally free. It's not like a timeshare. We're not gonna try to sell you anything, we're just gonna try to deliver you some value, and that is it. So don't forget to subscribe to more HubSpot sales content just like this. See you next time.

Published by Amy Alexander June 20, 2023
Amy Alexander