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Amy Alexander
By Amy Alexander on June 26, 2023

[VIDEO] Hidden Secret to Closing More Deals - HubSPot CRM Playbooks

How to use HubSpot's Playbooks to Help Your Sales Team Close More Deals


You have a system for closing leads... in your head.

We know, we know... as soon as your tenured salespeople get someone on the phone, they are likely to close a deal. But, what about your new sales team members?

HubSpot Playbooks allow you to canonize and distribute your proven techniques and systems across your entire team.

Even better? With a couple clicks, you can drop any given playbook into a single contact record and start customizing and making notes right when you're on the phone.

Use HubSpot's templates or create them from scratch. And there you have it: a brilliant way to close more deals across your entire department.

What if you need more leads in your HubSpot CRM?

We've got you covered!

The truth is, you *don't* need a lead generation agency or a new big marketing plan. There are simple strategies for capturing great leads and nurturing them into warm connections.

Our Warm Leads Lab that runs twice a month helps you understand this simple system for loading leads into HubSpot. You walk away with 150 quality, industry-specific leads in your own CRM portal, a 4-week nurturing sequence, and a 30-minute coaching call to help you close your leads!

So go ahead, register for the next Warm Leads Lab!

Hint: we have that for you right here... for free... in our Warm Leads Workshop


[00:00:00] What's up baby? What is on your face? I'm gearing up for the game. What game? You don't play football. That's beside the point. I'm geared up for the sales game. I'm writing a playbook as we speak. Play a playbook. Ooh, sounds fancy. Wait, what? Okay. Internet. I'm Chad from Sea HubSpot. Run a team of platinum HubSpot Partners.

And today we're gonna show you how to enable your sales team by using HubSpot Playbooks.

Okay. Well, Chad gets the makeup off his face. I'll go ahead and dive into playbooks. Why would you wanna use playbooks and how do they help you close more deals? Well, if you've been in sales for a long time, you probably know, and we hear this all the time, that if you can just start a conversation with someone qualified, you're probably gonna close the deal.

The struggle is [00:01:00] real with training new sales teams on the tactics that you know, work in closing deals. Playbooks allow you to canonize that process and then put it inside HubSpot for your new sales team to refer to. At any point, playbooks can be found under your sales playbooks. Here we have our Aetna Mode superhero suits.

Obviously we sell superhero suits, and so it just makes a lot of sense that we'd have a playbook. Under Edna mode. If you don't get that joke, it's fine. We won't judge you. This playbook walks through the goal of this particular type of sale. It walks through major pitfalls your sales team might encounter, and then it walks through the nitty gritty of how do you communicate.

What are the steps for taking a cold lead to a warm lead? There's a lot of really great templates in here to get you started. They're gonna ask important questions. They're gonna get the ball rolling, and from there you'll be able to take it because you know this industry and you already know how to sell.

If we do a discovery call playbook, it's gonna start with what are the top initiatives at your company [00:02:00] right now? This is a question that you'd be asking someone else, right? This will prompt your sales team to remember that they need to start talking about initiatives they need to talk about. Goals.

They also need to help understand the role that particular person plays because if you can help that person do their role better, and if your sale can help them do their job better, you have a sale, right? Each of these templates have these kinds of questions to help you start writing playbooks that make sense?

The really cool thing about playbooks in HubSpot, Is that if you go to your contacts and you are inside the contact record of any particular person on the right, not only do you have all of your deals and your tickets and all the things you'd expect to find, but you even have playbooks in here. So if you have a brand new sales team member who is talking to Mario and they need their new.

Edna Mode, superhero suit. You can bring that up. You can even log the call right from here and make notes inside this playbook that now is gonna become [00:03:00] personalized for Mario. Hey Amy, thanks for taking the ball and running with it. It is a sports analogy, after all. Anyway, you might be asking, what if I don't have any great leads to put in my C R m?

I don't. I don't need a playbook right now. I need leads. That's, well, that's a great question. We have a video for that on how to get great leads into your CRM by tomorrow. Spoil alert. It could even be as early as today. Go ahead, go on, take a look. Go ahead. Go ahead. That's it. Subscribe for more content like this and go ahead.

Watch our awesome leads video.

Published by Amy Alexander June 26, 2023
Amy Alexander