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Amy Alexander
By Amy Alexander on July 13, 2023

[ VIDEO ] Transform Sales Relationships with One HubSpot CRM Best Practice

Include this one HubSpot CRM habit in your sales emails for dramatic results.



Video is king, even in your HubSpot CRM.

We all love some good video content. This reality has been brewing for many years, now. And you won't be surprised to hear that personalized video will dramatically transform your sales relationships.

HubSpot CRM and Vidyard

Vidyard and HubSpot are best buds. Why? Well, HubSpot knows they are the best CRM in the world, and they don't need to be the best video-capturing tool, too. Not when they can integrate with Vidyard.

Vidyard can be as cheap as *free*, and even has web browser extensions to help you incorporate personalized video into your everyday sales communications.

When should you use a video?

Great question! Here are some key moments that personalized sales videos will be worth the extra time:

  • When a prospect has first converted to "qualified sales lead". Maybe their stage has been changed to QSL by the marketing team. Or, more likely, they showed up in your hot leads list because they completed certain actions that made them qualified. They could have simply downloaded a lead magnet that shows they are truly interested in buying. Whatever it was, if they've never met you before, popping into their inbox with a personalized "hello" video will be very impactful.
  • As a follow-up to an initial sales meeting. If your lead is still at the beginning stages of getting to know (and trust) you, sending a friendly follow-up with valuable next steps could be ideal.
  • When sending a proposal or quote. Proposals are all about the money, so walking through the proposal and addressing any elements that you know they'll question is a wonderful way to set them at ease and help them feel connected to your guidance.
  • When a lead has ghosted you. If you were in the middle of great interactions, but your lead has stopped responding or opening emails, a friendly "hey, how's it going?" video will often open the door back up and re-connect you to the prospect.

Bonus habit: add leads to your CRM without hiring a lead generation firm.

Yes... this is a thing.

The truth is, you *don't* need a lead generation agency or a new big marketing plan. There are simple strategies for capturing great leads and nurturing them into warm connections.

Our Warm Leads Lab runs twice a month to help you understand a simple system for loading leads into HubSpot and then warming them into great connections. You walk away with 150 quality, industry-specific leads in your own CRM portal, a 4-week nurturing sequence, and a 30-minute coaching call to help you close your leads!

So go ahead, register for the next Warm Leads Lab!

Hint: we have that for you right here... for free... in our Warm Leads Workshop




0:00Amy, what's the number one thing I want to do when I'm off from work?

0:03Eat ice cream on the couch in an old t-shirt.

0:07No, the other thing.

0:10Eat ice cream somewhere else in an old t-shirt.


0:14What do I usually do when I eat ice cream?

0:18Oh, watch videos.


0:20And what do your customers like to do?

0:22Oh, I get it.

0:23Watch videos.


0:26Hopefully with a bowl of ice cream you want?


0:35Andre, I'm Chad from C Hubspot.

0:37Run a team of platinum hubspot partners.

0:39And today, as you may have guessed it, we're gonna go over one best hubspot practice that will help you have better sales relationships and we're gonna show you a light speed way on how to send personalized videos to your leads.

0:55First of all, have you heard of Vid Yard Vidyard is free.

0:57It's well integrated with Hubspot and I have a Google extension I use for it all the time there.

1:03You can record your videos using a screen capture, you can add titles for yourself and trim out certain sections of the video that you don't want but video doesn't, you know good if no one watches it and yes, that's a double negative.

1:14That's how bad it is.

1:15Here's how to make your video seen by your customer.

1:18First of all, navigate to your contact record by going to contacts and then contacts simple.


1:25Let's search for a contact.

1:27We want to reach out to directly here.

1:29I'm gonna send an email to this contact with a personalized touch to make this process more seamless.

1:34I'm going to put in here a snippet which contains the intro to our email.

1:38Hey, if you haven't watched our video on five hubspot CRM automation, that will save you time.

1:44You should go do that now because it talks about snippets if you don't know what that is and it'll save you like almost seven hours a week and that's like a that's documented, that's not even a fake statistic.

1:55So I'm just saying you could watch that statistically speaking, you interrupt me at least five times every video I'll add here the appropriate information and then let's add our video.

2:10All you have to do is click on insert at the bottom of the email here and then video for me.

2:16Since I'm already signed in Vidyard Auto populates my account with the options to choose an existing video or to film a new one.

2:23You may have to connect your Vidar account, but it's a very simple process.

2:27Once you have added the personalized video, you would like for your prospect to watch, we would recommend adding some finishing touches to the email.

2:34For example, we've seen that emails with titles such as I've made this video for you or video in this email for you have drastically higher open rates and people actually watch them.

2:44This is just one example of the many ways to warm up your leads and create a deep personal connection with an otherwise cold contact.

2:51If you're thinking, wow, I do not do this, Then maybe you should talk to our team.

2:58We have this really cool thing called a warm leads audit.

3:01All we're gonna do is talk to you in a free half hour.

3:04Hear about what it is you're doing in your sales process.

3:06How are you getting your leads?

3:08Are they qualified?

3:09How are you warming them up?

3:10And then we're going to give you really clear next steps on how you can change that process up for better qualified leads and for warmer connections.

3:18So go ahead and click the link in the description below.

3:20We wanna help you out for free and that's it.

3:23Subscribe for more videos because we learned today that customers like videos and if you like videos, we have videos and we have tons of videos and they're all everywhere.

3:30They're on youtube, they're on our site, you can watch all of them, just don't watch them, watch the videos, do it now.


Published by Amy Alexander July 13, 2023
Amy Alexander