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Amy Alexander
By Amy Alexander on July 10, 2023

[ VIDEO ] Supercharge Your Sales with These 6 Daily HubSpot CRM Habits

Work smart with 6 daily HubSpot CRM habits that will transform your sales. 



Habits in your HubSpot CRM are everything. 

It's no secret: we are creatures of habit. And trading in old habits for new ones can take effort. But what would happen if we built daily CRM habits that actually propelled us toward more sales?!

There are a lot more than six habits worth building, but here below are some crucial things you can do every single day to begin seeing a higher return on your time.  

1. Check and manage task queues

First thing in the morning, you can review your tasks for the day. Who should you be reaching out to? What follow-ups and connections need to be made? How are you setting up the next few days by the steps you take today?

The HubSpot CRM tasks queue keeps you from guessing, and allows you to manage any "manual" labor you can't avoid as you nurture leads and build sales connections.

2. Enroll leads in sales sequences

Set aside a time during every workday to enroll new leads in sales sequences. As you know from our automations video, sales sequences let you automate nurturing emails and task assignments so you can save time and avoid a lead from falling through the cracks.

But, not all leads will be automatically added to a sequence. You have the power to add new leads and prospects into corresponding sequences. And you should! Every day. Like... a habit.

3. Working your hots leads! *whistle whistle*

We recommend that every salesperson has a hot leads list of people that are filling out the right forms, viewing the right pages, opening the right emails... doing all the things to make them very qualified (not to mention having the right revenue). 

This list can be filtered in your Contact views for more timely information and can be a very important source for adding new leads to sequences, making calls, and adding to task queues.

4. Making notes in custom properties 

Just like in our video example, every business has unique pieces of information that are worth making a custom property over. Maybe it's a product line they've expressed interest in, or a type of stakeholder they are... whatever gives you and your team more insight into the lead should be noted or marked in custom properties.

5. Commenting in social networks

We know, we know... this is the worst part of the job.

BUT, taking 15 minutes after you come back from lunch to scroll LinkedIn (or your industry's most relevant platform) so you can comment on posts from your leads is just a great idea. A great habit, if you will.

Be sure to note social tags and links in your CRM so that 15 minutes of valuable connection time doesn't become 45 minutes of finding people's profiles.

6. Check your prospects

One of the many magical things you'll find in your HubSpot CRM is a prospect list. This incredible intelligence lets you identify companies that have been viewing your website before they've provided their information in some kind of form or chatbot. 

And no, this is not black-hat, creepy intelligence that tells you the exact person that's visited from that company. It just gives you an Account-Based Marketing/Sales approach to where can you focus new connections. 

Bonus habit: add leads to your CRM without hiring a lead generation firm.

Yes... this is a thing.

The truth is, you *don't* need a lead generation agency or a new big marketing plan. There are simple strategies for capturing great leads and nurturing them into warm connections.

Our Warm Leads Lab runs twice a month to help you understand a simple system for loading leads into HubSpot and then warming them into great connections. You walk away with 150 quality, industry-specific leads in your own CRM portal, a 4-week nurturing sequence, and a 30-minute coaching call to help you close your leads!

So go ahead, register for the next Warm Leads Lab!

Hint: we have that for you right here... for free... in our Warm Leads Workshop




[00:00:00] I'm Chad from See HubSpot Run, a team of platinum HubSpot partners, and today we're gonna go over six daily habits you can use in your CRM to transform your sales. Let's go wait. What happened to my tie?

Okay. Internet. The first thing you had to do every single morning is to check and manage your tasks so you can stay on top of lead outreach tasks can be found in the sales hub tasks, allow you to have a running list of, uh, people that you wanna follow up with in filters that you predetermined. The best way to design tasks though is through your contacts hub.

If you navigate to contacts, you can use pre-built views or create a new filter of the type of contact you wanna create a task list from. For instance, if you recently came back from a superhero suit expo, you could [00:01:00] filter people for the form they filled out at your table, then check all of the contacts on the left, then click create tasks.

Be sure to give them a follow up type. And add them to a queue specific to their task. This one might be called suit expo. Follow up. Once you have accumulated tasks, you can view them in your task queues. You would navigate to this by clicking sales and then tasks to see a new queue click Manage queues and create view on the queue.

You want to add click start tasks and it'll walk you through each follow up one by one by opening up each contact record. You can reschedule, skip, or complete, and then move on to the next task in the queue. Now that you've walked through your tasks, you should be setting goals every day. Each day you have the power to put people through a nurturing sales sequence.

Enrolling new leads in this kind of automated fashion will not only save you time, but also help you to stay in touch with people that you might have missed out on if you were [00:02:00] doing it manually. By setting daily goals, you're just being smart. And people love smart goals from the acronym, right? Unlike the other lesser known acronym, which is dart, delaying, arresting, resisting, and totally blowing it off.

That's totally made up. But hey, don't forget to circle back on the automations. That will help people save time. Cool. I'm not gonna remember that, but since you did interrupt me, I'm gonna now ask the internet a question. What are some of the habits that you guys do every day in HubSpot? Let us know in the comments below to create a sales email sequence.

Start by creating templates under Conversations, then templates. You can either create a new template from scratch or you can use the library of templates to build a set of emails. Once you have templates ready for a sequence, you can put them together under your automation tab. If we wanted to follow up with people after the Superhero Suit Expo, we might use this pre-made sequence called event [00:03:00] follow up.

Then we could replace some of the of their emails with ours or customize the email templates they've included. Once finished, simply assign new contacts to a sequence in your contacts hub. CDE over to your CRM views. For our third habit, working your Hot Leads. First, determining Hot Leads is all about understanding what makes them a super qualified lead.

Instead of moving straight to views, which cannot be triggered very easily by automation, you'll wanna supercharge your filters by creating a list. Go to contacts, then lists. Here you'll create a list of leads that not only fit your best client criteria, but leads that are doing things that make them hot.

For instance, create a list and make sure it's an active list. The filters inside lists are much more extensive than those in your contacts hub. For hot leads, you might filter by things like page views and then choose number of page views, like 10 plus for this purpose, [00:04:00] avoid date related filters. You can control timely leads in your views.

Filter. Since we wanna see who has been filling out forms, we'll filter by form fills. Now that you have a hot leads list, go back to your contacts and create a view from that list. Add a filter to your view of list membership. Now you'll only see people in that list within your view. Add timely filters like next activity Date is unknown, meaning you have no upcoming meetings with them.

Add other filters as necessary, like now in sequence is false or date ranges that are relevant to your current needs while you work your hot leads. Be sure to make notes in custom properties about personal areas of interest. That is our fourth habit. A custom property is a property that you set up for your organization, and it's not native to HubSpot.

You can get to your properties in many ways, but one of the easiest ways to do so is to look at the contact record and go to the [00:05:00] left side under the, about this contact pane to create a custom property. Click on view all properties. You'll see here on the left that you can change the default view of properties by adding additional properties to the contact record view.

Remember, anything that's changed here will be account wide for all of your sales and marketing teams. Search for other properties here or click on managed properties to create a new one. Be frugal, but absolutely add anything that you feel is necessary for your company. Adding an interest property with key insights about how your contact might be connected to the company.

It is a smart property. For example, if we sold high-end superhero suits, which if you've been watching this, I hope, you know, that's what we do. Having an interest property for heroes that prefer things like capes, utility belts, being able to turn their head like Batman and so on, would be a great thing to know.

Oh, I'm ready for a break. You haven't been doing anything. But interrupting you is [00:06:00] very brutal. All right, if you really want to take a break, why don't we take a break in the form of everybody's type of break, a commercial break. Now, here's a word from our sponsor. Social media is the worst, but you gotta use it more like social media or social media.

Am I right? I thought you were taking a break. Eh, breaks are for Bones and Kit Kats and Ross Geller. Back to our habits. Our fifth habit is a great afternoon breather. Simply add social links to your contacts, contact record, follow 'em on LinkedIn or or wherever you're forced to engage and comment on their stuff, like their stuff.

Do this every day. Finally, our sixth habit is to check your prospects lists for any companies that might be visiting your website. This is Grade A Intelligence here, and it's a great use of your HubSpot portal. Since someone [00:07:00] forgot to go back to this, I'm gonna go ahead and interrupt and I'm gonna say that we have an incredible video that will help your team save time using automations.

Click the link with the video for five, five amazing HubSpot automations that will save your team time. Go ahead, click the link. I did tell you I was going to forget. I'm abandoned of my word. Okay. Now that we've already diverted your attention enough, let's dive into prospects. So simply search for prospects in the top bar and then click on prospects.

Here you'll see companies that have been viewing your website and these can make great leads. Filter out company types or activities that don't meet your criteria. Try to filter out potential vendors, competitors, or other things that would make a prospect a bad lead. You can also filter for domain is unknown.

For any prospects that look good, click the box next to their record and then click add [00:08:00] to database to put them into your CRM and start working the lead. They'll appear under the company's tab and your C rm note that HubSpot's dot going to give you this specific name of a person visiting the website.

They have to be willing to consent and give you an email or name. In order for HubSpot to track that kind of information to capture these kind of details would be truly unethical. It's not a question of whether or not can HubSpot do this. It's more of a should. HubSpot do this. And that's it. If you wanna superpower your automations, click on this video right now.

This one right here. Also subscribe for more of me interrupting Chad.

Published by Amy Alexander July 10, 2023
Amy Alexander