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Amy Alexander
By Amy Alexander on August 16, 2023

[ VIDEO ] Instant Sales Reporting in HubSpot CRM for Sales Managers

Quick and effective sales reporting in HubSpot CRM.


We know, cobbling random data for sales reports is your personal hell. HubSpot CRM knows it, too.

The importance of accurate reporting cannot be overstated. Every detail, every communication, every deal, and every goal matters. It's what drives growth, informs strategies, and ensures your team is on the right track. However, keeping track of all these intricate details can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But sticky notes and spreadsheets can all go away with HubSpot CRM sales reporting.

Empowering Sales Managers with Streamlined Tools

True, single-source-of-truth reporting can only happen when efficient tools intersect with well-trained staff. The key to success lies in implementing a user-friendly CRM tool that is easy for the team to adopt. From team activity and deals created to conversion rates and revenue forecasts, HubSpot's comprehensive dashboard provides a bird's-eye view of the sales landscape.

Granular Reporting in the HubSpot CRM

On top of the robust report library that already exists, sales managers can customize reports to suit their specific needs or build their own reports. From note-taking to call logging, the intuitive interface simplifies data entry, enabling sales teams to capture critical information without hassle. 

Sales-Centered HubSpot App

Voice-to-text capabilities, business card scanning, meeting notifications, and lead activity updates are just a few examples of how the app streamlines workflows and enhances productivity. In a world where sticky notes seem to multiply like rabbits, we're reminded that effective sales reporting is achievable and even enjoyable with the right tools. 

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 Okay, so why are we doing this again? Uh, I thought it might be a fun opener for our next video. We're doing a video right now? What's our topic? We're teaching sales managers how their sales team members have to have really good daily habits if they, uh, want to have good reporting. Oh, so this is allegory for someone loses a sale because they lost a sticky note.

Uh, yeah, I also just really wanted to This is dumb.

Okay, Internet, I'm Chad from see HubSpot Run, a team of Platinum HubSpot partners. And today we're going to help you never dig around for a sales report ever again. If you're in charge of a sales team, you try your very best to keep track of all the sales numbers, goals, et cetera. Even if you're using a CRM, sometimes you have spreadsheets full of duplicative data and forget about reviewing conversations and communication.

Yeah. I mean, true reporting happens when streamlined tools meet well trained staff. Staff and getting your sales team to use your CRM starts with a user friendly tool. That's easy to adopt. Let's see how streamline tools can help you review reports with a click of a button. If you're using a tool like HubSpot, you have a lot of reporting at your fingertips.

You can see in this demo reports dashboard, I can scroll through team activity, deals created by rep, deals closed versus goals, deals stages and conversion rates. And even a deal revenue forecast even with a free HubSpot account? You can build three custom dashboards. Ooh, yeah, let's talk about what's available in the free version.

Hey, that's for another video. Hold your horses and your freebies. Okay, fine, but let me queue up that video while you finish this topic. Great. You go do that. If you build your own reports, you can see that there are a million ways to track your team's activity. HubSpot makes it extremely intuitive to take notes, send emails, log calls, and create tasks for your sales team members.

Okay, wait, I'm still queuing up the other video I mentioned, but here's another video you can watch so your team can see how to use task queues in like a really streamlined way. It's so cool. Okay, enough of the videos. Sheesh. Salespeople also love the HubSpot app. Using the app, you can do voice to text, scan business cards into new contacts, get notified of meetings and lead activity, and so much more.

So encourage your sales team to get rid of the spreadsheets. Like, for real. Okay, that's it. If you want to see everything available in the free HubSpot CRM, and by free, I mean free forever, just follow the video. It's going to be great, super entertaining. Also, don't forget to subscribe for more content like this.

There are sticky notes everywhere.

Published by Amy Alexander August 16, 2023
Amy Alexander