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Amy Alexander
By Amy Alexander on August 02, 2023

[ VIDEO ] What you can actually do with HubSpot CRM Free

What's the catch with the HubSpot CRM free version?


When you hear HubSpot CRM Free, you probably want to know what the catch will be.

And yes, so many apps have free versions that let you do everything right up until you click "publish" and then suddenly you can't finish the very thing you wanted to accomplish. So you're thinking that the free version of HubSpot CRM can't be that great.

And you're right: there is a catch. And here it is... HubSpot is really freaking smart. Annoyingly smart. So brilliant, in fact, that they want to make their free version integral to your team so that you will fall in love with the tool and upgrade to better and better features. 

The reality is that their free version is stacked with an insane amount of stuff.

A practical breakdown of what you can do.

You and four other team members can create a 25-page website (WITH an SSL certificate). The SSL certificate alone is worth it, considering those are usually an additional cost.
Your team can build and enable a chat bot to run on your website, launch a blog, and publish unlimited landing pages that include forms with custom properties. Those forms would capture new contacts into your HubSpot CRM, and would allow you to send personal emails to all of your leads and prospects. You can then send up to 2,000 marketing emails a month to nurture those relationships.
You can create a deals pipeline to track contacts in your current sales pipeline, create and send custom quotes, and then serve those new customers using a ticketing system.
You can review email, sales, and website analytics to see how your campaigns are going. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
The long and short of it is that HubSpot's free version is free FOREVER. They will allow you to keep using the available features in their free for as long as you want. 
>> And top secret insider tip: they keep adding new features to their free version. Just because they can...<<


The full list of features in the free HubSpot CRM version

  • 5 users with custom permissions
  • no credit card required
  • 10 custom properties
  • 1 subdomain
  • email reply tracking
  • facebook messenger integration
  • 1 blog
  • conversational bot
  • team email
  • email reporting
  • 1 automated email per form
  • mobile optimization for email
  • forms
  • multi-lingual content
  • mobile app
  • live chat
  • ad retargeting
  • website traffic analytics
  • 1 shared inbox
  • 2,000 marketing emails a month
  • list segmentation
  • SEO recommendations
  • ad management
  • 3 reporting dashboards
  • landing pages
  • 1 deal pipeline
  • 5 documents
  • 1 scheduling calendar
  • 1-to-1 email
  • app marketplace integration
  • contact management
  • 5 snippets
  • Gmail/Outlook/Microsoft Exchange integration
  • 5 email templates
  • prospects
  • customer support form fields
  • team email
  • email scheduling
  • customizable quotes
  • contact website activity
  • email tracking & notifications
  • 1 ticket pipeline
  • slack integration
  • calling SDK
  • ticketing
  • local website development
  • CDN
  • WAF
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • Site export
  • SSL certificate
  • Drag-and-drop web editor
  • XML sitemap
  • Apex hosting and redirects
  • Website themes
  • Built-in AMP
  • Website structure import
  • 25 web pages
  • Advanced menus
  • Blog import
  • Blog export
  • Design manager
  • Premium hosting
  • 99.99% measured uptime
  • Default field mappings
  • Companies
  • Company insights
  • Tasks & activities
  • Historical sync
  • Marketing events object
  • Contact management
  • Data sync

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[00:00:00] Hey Chad, what was that book you just read? Um, the one with the author that has the, our same last name. Oh, uh, the book of Free by Lord Alexander. Yeah, the, well, the book of free. Did you say free? I did. Huh, that's weird. Oh, hey before we start recording. There is a free in the backyard that with the trim that's branches It's gonna hit the house pretty soon.

Chad. Why do you keep saying free? That's weird Can we record this soon I really have to free

Okay, Internet. I'm Chad from see HubSpot run a team of Platinum HubSpot partners. And today we're gonna answer the burning question. What can you actually do with HubSpot CRM free? When you think of the word free, you probably think of the word lame, and you probably also think that there's a catch. And here's the thing.

There is a catch. HubSpot is very smart. They want you to fall in love with all the [00:01:00] amazing free features, so you'll upgrade and get even more features. Yeah, totally. I mean, when they say free, they don't mean, Oh, you can do all the free essential stuff, and then when you go to press send or publish, suddenly, you can't even do the thing you need to do.

That's so frustrating. No, they mean, like, make our free product so integral to getting your job done that you want to consolidate all your other software and go all in on the paid version of HubSpot. It's totally brilliant. HubSpot believes that they can not only be the all in one tool that's foundational for your company, but that they can integrate your entire tech stack, so you'll have a single source of truth across your entire team.

So let's go back to the original question. What's really included? Yeah, there's a lot. So much, in fact, that we really can't go in depth in one video on everything it provides. What we can do is, like, flash a list on the screen. Get ready, you're going to take a screenshot. And, go! [00:02:00] Five users with custom permissions.

No credit card required. Ten custom properties. One subdomain. Email reply tracking. Facebook Messenger integration. One blog. Conversational bot. Team email. Email reporting. One automated email performance. Mobile optimization for email. Forms. Multilingual content. Mobile app. Live chat. Ad retargeting. Website traffic analytics.

One shared inbox. Two thousand marketing emails. List segmentation. SEO recommendations. Ad management. Three reporting dashboards. Landing pages. One deal pipeline. Five documents. One scheduling calendar. 1 to 1 e mail. Marketplace integration. Contact management. Five snippets. Gmail. Outlook. templates, prospects, customer support, form fields, team email, email scheduling, customizable quotes, contact website activity, email tracking and notifications, one ticket pipeline, Slack integration, calling SDK, ticketing, local website development, CDN, WAF, 24 7 security monitoring, site export, SSL certificate, drag and drop editor, XML sitemap, Apex hosting and redirects, website themes, built in AMP, website structure report, 25 webpages, advanced menus, login board, blog export, design manager, premium hosting, 99.

99% measured uptime, default field mappings, companies, company insights, DRM include increased www. microsoft. com Great. Now let's take a tour of the major features that you probably really want. You and four other team members can create a 25 page website with an SSL certificate, [00:03:00] a chat bot, a blog, and unlimited landing pages that include forms with custom properties.

Those forms would capture new contacts into your CRM and would allow you to send personal emails and up to 2000 marketing emails a month. You can create a deals pipeline, custom quotes, and then serve those new customers using a ticketing system. You can review email, sales, and website analytics to see how your campaigns are doing.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Okay, that's it. Now, watch how your marketing and sales team can utilize CMS Hub to be on the same page. Right there. Also, don't forget to subscribe for more sales. HubSpot CRM content just like this. FREEDOM!

Published by Amy Alexander August 2, 2023
Amy Alexander